Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fate Core: Magi pt 11

Nodes, Super Nodes, and the Nature of the Universe

We do not see the world the way you do.  You see the world as something you can change. This places you at the center, the unchanging eye of the universal storm. We see that as a false assumption. Your talk of nodes and the nature of the universe fail to understand the reality of the situation. Nodes and there ilk are ideas that were invented by minds. Minds are the only real nodes. We do not change the world. We change those who change the world. That is who we are. That is what we do.
~Geppetto, leader of The Puppeteers

I find that the world is a river, moving as it wills. Channeled and directed not by an intelligence, but by the whims of the moment. We are the illusion. That anything is possible is a fact. There is no right and wrong. There is no choice at all. You are you, until you are not. Then you are someone else. We are here, then we are not. There can be no purpose or meaning. One decision is as good as another. There are no real choices. There are no rules. Why should I live as though anything were real?
~Mad Alice

Every Super Node has a Core this is the thing most difficult to change. It is represented by an aspect.  It also has Links, which are its connections to the nodes related to it. There are always seven links to a Super Node. No one knows why. Links are represented by aspects as well. If you have altered the core of the node connected to the link, it is easier to change.

To change a Core aspect of a Super Node requires an attack against the Super Node and then stressing it out. It will defend with its core skill. That skill has a variable rating depending on the number of Link aspects you have changed.  To change one of the link aspects you do the same type of conflict only the skills are one less. If you have also changed the node connected to that link then reduce the difficulty by another one.

Every Node also has a Core, also represented by an aspect. They have a link aspect connected to the super node they are connected to and each node they are next to. This is how super nodes connect to others. They are connected to the nodes below them. In turn, those nodes are connected to the nodes of another super node. These are the weak structural bonds of the universe. The node has four aspects attached to it. These are links. Links work like link aspects in a super node, only representing there connection to the nodes around them.

To change the Core of a Node is the same as attacking the core of a Super Node. the difference is the level of the starting skills. To change one of the link aspects of a node is a conflict, but the skills used are one less than if attacking the core. If the node that connects to that link has been altered reduce the skill by another one.

The skills of the node are as follows Core, Discord, and Shape. Core has already been mentioned. Discord represents the nodes attack skill, and Shape is its ability to create advantages for itself. These are also stacked in a ladder. For a super node the highest skill equals Legendary, the second equals Epic, and the third is Fantastic. For a node the highest is Fantastic, the second Superb, and the third great. Links and cores have there own stress track. A link belonging to a node has a stress track of one. A link of a super node has two. the core of a node has three. the core of a super node has four. they have access to consequences, but they only get minor consequences. Links have one minor consequence, node cores have two, and super node cores have three.

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