Saturday, March 22, 2014

Jianghu League: Year One

Now that Jadepunk is out for sale, I thought I would go through and design a couple of NPCs for it. To be extra fun I thought I would take the core concepts of the Big three from Justice league and build them as Jianghu.

Lord Johnathan Clark
The floating city of Kent was a bastion of peace and honor. Rich in white jade mines and a place of high learning. It was ruled over by the ruling house, Clark. Then came the ambitious General, Xiao, a mercenary who gathered power wherever he could. In one swift stroke he wiped out the Clark's and took control of the city. The Lord Clark was able to get his son secreted away prior to the attack. Now Johnathan lives as an exile in Kausao City. He found an ancient temple deep beneath the earth and there found the power to stand against Xiao and bullies like him.

Portrayal: Champion of the People
Background: True King of Kent
Inciting Incident: House Destroyed, Family Dead
Belief: The Strong Must Protect the Weak
Trouble: I cannot Save Them All

Professons: Explorer(+3), Fighter and Aristocrat(+2), Scholar and Engineer(+1), Scoundrel(+0)

Device: Raiment of Rao
In the hidden temple of Rao, buried deep beneath the City, Johnathan discovered an ancient Jadetech Power Suit. It is revolutionary and beyond what most alchemists are capable of even in this age of enlightenment. When in direct sunlight the suit allows the wearer to ride the beams of light and a degree of invulnerability. It is a strange mixture of Blue, Red and Black jade. Since he first stepped into the sky over Kausao, the rich and the criminal have been hunting him. They want, nay need, that suit and will do nearly anything to get it.

Function Aspect: Ancient Power Suit
Features: Exceptional(allows you tow fly, maneuver with explorer), Protective 2(reduce Shift Value of attacks against you by two), Sturdy 2(asset has 2 extra stress boxes)
Flaws: Situational(only in direct sunlight), Troubling(everyone wants the suit's secrets

Refresh: 1

And that is my first take on doing a version of superman for Kausao City. Let me know what you think. I will also be doing versions of Wonder Woman and Batman for Kausao. I would love any ideas on how you all think that should work.