Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Jianghu League: The Lamplighter's Tale

In response to Jadepunk being released for sale as a PDF, I have been working on various versions of the iconic heroes of DC comic. So far I have done a version of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman. Today I am digging into the elephant in the room for any system, the Green Lantern. Lets see how it goes.

Jordan, The Woman Without Fear
In Darkness, In sorrow
The Fear Maker came
The weak and the sick
Lamented his name

Then came the whisper
the glimmer of light
The lamplighter walking
In darkness to fight
~Translated fragment of the Lamplighter's Tale

In the legends of the Kaiyumi, there is on ehero who rises above the rest. When the ancient gods kept the world of man in darkness and ignorance, their came a being to aid man in his darkest hour. This being was the Lamplighter, the fire bringer, and the founder of the first empire. For his hubris, the gods cursed him and locked him in torment within a volcano for all time.

Now, this is just a story. Something to pass the time and share with friends. there is no truth to this story. Except recently, the people of Kausao and the surrounding lands have begun to tell tales of a phantom Lamplighter. When the people face danger or injustice, a shadowy figure bearing a green lantern steps forward and deals with the problem. No one knows who this man is, or how he is able to do the things credited to him, but he fits many descriptions of the Lamplighter from ancient stories.

The truth is both more mundane and far stranger. Jordan was born and raised in the deep desert, daughter to a great red jade mine owner. Had she been born a man, she would have been sent to the finest schools and trained in all the intellectual arts. Due to her father's attitudes about women, she was forced to train herself. Always tinkering, she learned many great secrets about Jade. Though her father would beat her when he caught her building, Jordan only sought more knowledge. Finally there came a fateful day, as there always does in such stories. The day she was to be wed to the man-nay, the boy her father had chosen for her. Standing at the crossroads, Jordan chose to no longer live in fear. She renounced her family name and left the lands of her father. 

In her travels she learned many things. New ways of utilizing Jade, new technologies, and all the cruelties of man. Jordan finally arrived in Kausao City, the home to the greatest minds in the world and the worst abuses of human dignity. She set to work at anything that would get her closer to the jade tech, closer to knowledge. She became a Jadetech tester. Her job was to test out new innovations in Jade. It was dangerous, but it payed well and she was able to see the cutting edges in Jadetech. 

Finally with enough money to do so, she began to experiment. Over the course of weeks, she built a magnificent Jadetech device. Something unheard of, a constructed intelligence. combining several of her other esoteric ideas for Jadetech, she assembled The Lamp. She was about to test it out, when there was an accident at Low Port. A cargo crane had fallen and crushed a warehouse and two ships. Without really thinking about it, she leaped in and used The Lamp to rescue the people trapped in the wreckage. And thus the legend of the Lamplighter began. 

Portrayal: Fearless Jadetech Engineer
Background: Hope Beats Despair
Inciting Incident: People Need My Help
Belief: Justice Is Its Own Reward
Trouble: They Will Misuse My Inventions

Professions: Engineer +3, Explorer and Scholar +2, Aristocrat and Fighter +1, Scoundrel +0

Device: The Lamp
Crafted from Green jade to give form to thought and energy, the Lamp is nearing the edges of what is possible with Jade, even in in the theoretical realms. At a basic level it allows the Lamplighter to create green energy constructs(through create advantage rolls). It can create anything that can be imagined. When in use it gives off an eerie green glow.

Function Aspect: Green Jade Energy Matrix
Features: Exceptional(can affect the whole zone), Exceptional(allows wielder to fly or move underwater unimpeded), Harmful 2(add two extra stress to a successful attack), Protective 2(reduce the shifts of incoming attack by two), Sturdy 2(device has two extra stress boxes)
Flaws: Demanding(must make a scholar roll vs a difficulty of +2 in order to utilize the device, for every scene you use it), Consuming(Must spend a Fate Point to use)

Ally: The heart of the lamp
At the center of the lamp lies a metal sphere laced with white jade wires and black jade switches. A constructed Intelligence. Its purpose is to provide the Lamplighter with information on anything he runs across. This almost breaks the rules of the game. with an edge case like this I would definitely get your GM's approval before moving forward with it. Basically this is an ally that the Lamplighter keeps on her person at all times and acts as a mobile library. It can be targeted and destroyed separately from the Lamp itself. If I were running this game I would probably make the two linked. If one breaks, the other no longer works, but that would be up to your table and how you want to use the system.

Function Aspect: Jade Crafted Intelligence
Features: Professional(scholar +1), Resilient(the heart has one minor consequence available), Sturdy(Has one stress box)

Flaws: Demanding(you must spend an action asking the Heart a question in order to gain access to its information)

Alright, then that is my take on a Jadepunk version of the Green Lantern. Oddly enough, the green lantern was pretty simple to do in this system. Let me know what you think, questions, comments, and concerns are all welcome. Next I will be working on the Lord of the Storms and Master of the Sea(Aquaman). There is enough water in the region, that I think we can even avoid the Aquaman problem. I am excited.