Monday, March 31, 2014

Jianghu League: History of Violence

Because I am so overjoyed by the digital release of Jadepunk, I have used that excess joy to create a bunch of DC characters using Jadepunk's mechanics and setting. This is less a hack and more a re-imagining so the heroes and villains will fit within the world we created with Jadepunk.

Wonder Woman
Green Lantern
The Joker
Dru-Zod and Lex Luthor

Today I am doing the last in this line of thought and I will be moving onto another project that I have been kind of thinking about...actually there are three alternate lines of thought I could go with the next set of Jadepunk Posts, but more on that when I get to the end of this one.

Fugyara Min, Fastest Woman Alive
Min was one of the all time great relic hunters. She had robbed dozens of tombs on four continents. Until she was betrayed. One of her rivals spread the word of a great lost city, deep in the jungle south of Ahlmac territory. There were claims of Ruby Skulls and pyramids of gold. The rival, Tobias Schmidt, did not spread these rumors for Min's benefit, no. He spread them in the court of her largest patron, Inoue Shen. Shen ignored Min's warnings that this was a trap and sent her to gather these riches.

In the harshest jungle, far from civilization, walking into what she knew to be a trap, Min made a mistake. She dropped her compass. Of such small mistakes, mighty catastrophes grow. This was one such mistake. Unable to make an accurate bearing she was forced to use the sun and stars. In the deepest jungle, she got turned around, she became lost. Wandering for days without proper supplies, she was becoming dehydrated and delirious. In this state she came upon an ancient Teltac temple to Cicoh Chac, god of the Divine Wind and blood sacrifice.

Within the temple she drank of the holy waters and ate of the sacred mushroom. While in an ecstatic state, brought about by her exhaustion and the mushrooms, she had a great vision of the god Cicoh Chac. It came to her in the form of Spotted Panther and spoke of many things. Dark secrets were revealed to Min and she accepted a great burden. She would become Cicoh Chac's will made manifest. She donned the sacred garb of the Teltac Warrior Priests and set out to find a new empire for her dark master.

In Kausao City the people will listen to anyone who gives them hope. Min has done more than that, she has given them a twisted sense of power. She leads a small cult of the underclasses, they feed her information and when the need strikes they bring to her a blood sacrifice. Within her small district she has built a kingdom of blood. Right now it is beneath the notice of those in power. On the day they do take notice, pray that it is not to late. Min dreams of a city awash in blood and fear. She dreams of a burning empire from horizon to horizon.

Portrayal: Jaguar Queen of the Panther Cult
Background: History exists to grant me power
Inciting Incident: I am his will made flesh
Belief: May his shadow fall over all the world
Trouble: Things are moving too slowly
Professions: Explorer +3, Aristocrat and Scholar +2, Scoundrel and Fighter +1, Engineer +0

Device: Sacred Panther Cloak
The ancient Teltac high priests had cloaks made from the skins of the holy panthers, they would thread blue and white jade into the cloaks to aid in speed and stealth. This cloak is one of the last in existence, and makes Min the fastest biped on the planet.

Function Aspect: Holy Cloak of Speed
Features: Exceptional(can appear and disappear from a scene at will provided she can run), Focus 4(Fighter +2 and Explorer +2), Protective 2(reduce incoming shift value of an attack against you by two)
Flaws: Situational(only when wearing the cloak), Troubling(Voices in my head make me irrational)

Refresh: 3

Alright so that is my take on Cheetah for Jadepunk. Let me know what you think. Also my next Jadepunk project on this site will be one of three things, and I have not decided which I will do, so I need your help.
Should I do a Future Space Opera setting for the rules set, a version of TMNT for Jadepunk, or should I convert the characters and monsters from Girl Genius? I could go Either way with this, and to be frank, I will probably end up doing all three eventually. Let me know what you would like to see.