Saturday, March 29, 2014

Jianghu League: And They Shall Kneel

I am celebrating Jadepunk's digital release by doing Jadepunk hacks of famous DC heroes and Villains. 

Wonder Woman
Green Lantern

Today I am going big. I am doing two of my favorite villains, Dru-Zod and Lex Luthor. It is going to be pretty epic up in here.

General Xiao, Master of the World
Twenty years ago a young popular general of the Tuyangan Army staged an ill fated coups attempt on the throne. His rebel army was wiped out and he fled the country in disgrace. While he had lost in his bid for power, General Xiao never gave up on his desire for power. His key to victory came to him when he arrived in the Kingdom of Kent. Hiring himself out as a mercenary he met the Lord Clark's chief engineer, Alexis Luthor. She was ambitious and amoral, much like Xiao. Over the course of a year he managed to gain her confidence and together they orchestrated the largest coups in recent history.

Since becoming High Lord of Kent, Xiao has dedicated his life to conquest. His people slave away in the white jade mines and manufactories, building him a massive war fleet of skyships. However, despite his successes, Xiao is still haunted by his failure. He lives in fear the the son of Clark, the true ruler of Kent, will one day return and depose him. this thought keeps him up nights. He cannot merely kill the man, as then he makes a martyr of him. he must capture and subjugate this supposed rival. He must. Xiao has sent several teams of bounty hunters after Johnathan Clark with this in mind. None have returned.

Portrayal: Wanna-be World Conqueror
Background: Master Of War
Inciting Incident: Kneel Before Xiao!
Belief: Only the Strong Shall Rule
Trouble: Temperamental Paranoid

Professions: Fighter +3, Scoundrel and Aristocrat +2, Explorer and Scholar +1, Engineer +0

Technique: Poison Fist Strike
Xiao holds that strength in conflict is the most efficient way of winning. He believes this on both the large and the small scale. In a fight he will strike with such force that he has been known to penetrate even the strongest armor. This is known as his Poison Fist Strike.

Guiding Aspect: Only the Strong Shall Rule
Features: Harmful 4(Four extra harm on a successful strike)
Flaws: Troubling(My Enemies Know My Moves)

Technique: Master of the Field of Battle
Despite is flaws, Xiao is a brilliant general. On the field, few can defeat him in direct conflict. He has studied all the great wars and military tactics ever recorded. He has, himself, been the leader in many campaigns. To go against Xiao in battle is a dangerous gambit.

Guiding Aspect: Master of War
Features: Focus 2(+2 fighting)
Flaws: Situational(only when leading men in battle)

Device: Royal Armor of Kent
The Armor of Kent has belonged to the Clark line for as long as any can remember. It was worn by the Kings of Kent in defense of the homeland only. It was said that the armor would protect Kent so longh as even one of the Clark line remains. When Xiao conquered Kent he began wearing the armor as a sign of his authority. However, to the people of Kent, the Bold S shaped seal on the chest is a reminder that one Clark still lives. It tells them that their is still hope.

Function Aspect: Green and White Jade Plate Armor
Features: Protective 2(reduce incoming harm of successful attack by two), Resilient 2(two extra stress boxes)
Flaws: Demanding(you must make a fighter roll vs a difficulty of +2 in order to put the armor on or take it off)

Doctor Alexis Luthor
The world is full of fools. Fools with power and fools without it. This is the sad truth that Luthor has had to endure her entire life. She may be the greatest mind humanity has ever produced. She should rule it, control it. Who else is better qualified? Yet at every step some fool comes along and blocks her success. First it was money, so she became chief engineer for the king. Then it was authority, and she was forced to deal with the simpleton Xiao. Now she is nearing her goal. Complete domination is within her grasp, if only Xiao would cease with his petty paranoias and conspiracies. There will come a day when he is no longer useful to her. Perhaps that day is nearer than she initially projected. Soon all the world will be brilliantly efficient and simple. No longer will the simpletons and fools who lucked into power run things like their own personal play ground. Soon.

Portrayal: World's Greatest Mind
Background: Knowledge Is The Only Weapon I Need
Inciting incident: Anything Is Permitted
Belief: Only I Deserve To Rule
Trouble: I Am Surrounded By Fools

Professions: Engineer +3, Scholar and Scoundrel +2, Aristocrat and Explorer +1, Fighter +0

Technique: Behold My Genius!
Truly their is no finer mind for invention of planning than the mind of Alexis Luthor. She has litle patience for using old plans of devices. Everything she comes up with is an inovation. None can accuse Luthor of copying or tinkering. She is a genius.

Guiding Aspect: World's Greatest Mind
Features: Focus 2(+2 engineer)
Flaws: Situational(Only when making something new, never for repair. She would rather start over from scratch that try and fix whatever is wrong with the thing)

Technique: Plans Within Plans
She has already won. You don't realize it, because your simple mind can only plan four or maybe five moves ahead. You only think you are winning because she is so far ahead of you that she is lapping you. When she needs to Luthor can utilize her magnificent mind to deal with any situation she can plan for.

Guiding Aspect: Knowledge Is The Only Weapon I Need
Features: Flexible(you may use Scholar in place of fighter)
Flaws: Situational(Only when you have an aspect on the scene representing your preplanning of events or understanding of things)

Alright there are my versions of Lex Luthor and Dru-Zod. let me know what you think.  Next up I think I may start working on Cheetah, should be good fun.