Monday, March 24, 2014

Jianghu League: In The Shadow of The Bat

In response to Jadepunk's release as a pdf, I began to build some characters for the game. I based them off certain Iconic DC heroes. So far I have done Superman and Wonder Woman. Today. Today we delve into the darkness of Kausao City. If ever there was a character designed for Kausao, this man is such a character. He is The Batman.

Wei Baatarsai, The Bat
Baatarsai was born to the owner of one of the finest Jadetech Engineering firms in all of Kausao, Wei-Tech Industrial. Over ten percent of all jade in the city was smelted in their Refineries, and Wei-Tech innovations were used in all forms of Jadetech. Life was good for the child Baatarsai, until that fateful night. On their way home from the opera his mother and father were robbed and killed in front of his very eyes. On that day he swore an oath to put a stop to all crime, so that no one else would ever need go through the pain he had just suffered.

Raised by his loyal manservant, Peng An, young Baatarsai set out to accomplish his task. He trained in martial arts, science, and psychology. In learning he discovered that crime was not merely a problem, but a symptom of a larger problem. He knew that as a man he could not be what the city needed. He would need to change the hearts of men, to do this he would need to become a symbol. Bringing hope to the downtrodden and fear to the criminal element. He became the Bat. A rumor in the night. A mad god that swooped down upon the guilty and freed the innocent. The City Watch are often driven to distraction by the graffiti of the bat, written on walls and buildings throughout the city. None suspect that the benevolent business man Wei Baatarsai is this creature of the night. He makes sure to appear as an idle son of a rich man, uninterested in anything but parties and women. Bon Vivant by day, Bat Vigilante by night.

Portrayal: Spirit of Justice
Background: Warrior Detective
Inciting Incident: Let no one suffer as I have suffered
Belief: Fear and Violence keep the Criminals at bay
Trouble: The People Still Suffer

Professions: Scoundrel +3, Fighter and Scholar +2, Engineer and Aristocrat +1, Explorer +0

Technique: The Way of the Bat
Trained from an early age by Peng An in several forms of martial arts, Baatarsai has developed his own unique style of fighting. It uses stealth and fear alongside sudden and brutal attacks to take his opponents out with minimal danger. As a master of the Way of the Bat, Baatarsai can read his opponents like a book and react with near superhuman speed to their actions.

Guiding Aspect: Fear and Violence Keep the Criminals at Bay
Features: Focus 1(+1 to fighter), Focus +1(Scoundrel +1)
Flaws: Situational(only in the shadows and darkness)

Device: Utility Belt
As the sole owner of Wei-Tech Industrial Baatarsai has access to a great many jadetech innovations. He carries a variety of cutting edge tools in a specially designed belt. It is the rare situation that he is not prepared for.

Function aspect: Utility Belt Full of Minor Jade devices
Features: Exceptional(when utilizing aspects related to gear gain a +3 rather than the normal +2)
Flaws: Demanding 2(Must take a turn and an engineering roll vs +2 difficulty in order to load up your belt, must be done after any scene where you utilize the utility belt more than once)

Technique: Master Detective
Guiding Aspect: Warrior Detective
Features: Flexible(can use scholar in place of explorer)
Flaws: Situational(only when dealing with crime and crime scenes)

Ally: Peng An
A former master of the martial arts, An gave up fighting to become a man of peace. After the death of his master, he sought to help you Baatarsai deal with his pain through the only thing An knew might help. He trained the lad in every form of martial arts he knew. Never had An seen a more gifted or dedicated pupil. Now he is old and he looks at Baatarsai's life's work with no small amount of pride. Though he doesn't say, Baatarsai loves his mentor, and fears for his safety now that the great work has begun.

Function Aspect: Wise and Loyal Manservant
Features: Aspect(Master of the Martial Arts), Professional 4(Scholar +1, Fighter +2, Aristocrat +1), Resilient 2(2 minor consequences), Sturdy(one Stress box)
Flaws: Troubling(The Bat's Hidden Weakness)

Refresh: 1

And there you have it, maybe not the Batman Kausao desires, but perhaps the Batman it needs. I was going to close this up here, but someone made a comment about green lantern, and I think I would like to try and work out how to do Green Lantern in Jadepunk. So next post, the lamp lighter's tale. Let me know what you think, comments, questions, and concerns are always welcome.