Sunday, March 23, 2014

Jianghu League: Truth and Love

In honor of the recent release f Jadepunk, I started doing versions of DC superheroes that would work in Kausao City. Yesterday I did Superman, and it went over pretty well. Today we will delve in to the spirit of truth, the ambassador of love, Wonder Woman.

Mahni, Ambassador of Truth and Love
The Ahlmac have legends of the lands far to the south. Deep in the primordial jungles once roamed a people strong and peaceful, the Ter Praeta. They respected the land and made proper sacrifice to both Rapaev and Saivep. But even to such people, war must come. For the Ter Praeta this came in the form of Teltac, the skin stealers. The Teltac killed the Ter Praeta armies, the old, the infirm, and even the children. The women were to be enslaved. When the women saw this they prayed and made sacrifice to the moon goddess Saivep, for salvation. Saivep took pity on her people and made a way for them. Across the river Marjoa, where none may go, lies a great island. This is the land of the Ter Praeta. Only women, they are immortal priestesses and Warriors. So says the stories of the Ahlmac.

These stories are true.

Deep in the rain-forest in the center of the largest river on the planet, lies a hidden island of only women. Far advanced in the use of Jade and other technologies they have whiled away the centuries hidden in their home. But the discovery of Jadetech by the nations of the world has concerned the Council of Priestesses. Man's world is violent and filled with hate. They decided they must send out a scout, to see what the world would do with this dangerous technology. Mahni, daughter of the Voice of Saivep, was chosen for this task. She has only been in the realms of Man for a short while, but Mahni cannot stand by at all the cruelty and suffering she sees. With her weapons and her voice she has become a prominent member of The Jianghu, teaching of Truth and of Love, and standing up to those who would Hate or Decieve.

Portrayal: Chosen Of The Gods
Background: Princess of Peace
Inciting Incident: Man's World Is Filled With Hate
Belief: Truth Will Free Us
Trouble: Fearless and Unashamed

Professions: Aristocrat(+3), Fighter and Explorer(+2), Scholar and Engineer(+1), Scoundrel(+0)

Technique: Pytah-jovahn
Named after the goddess of war, who gifted this martial art to the Ter Praeta, this martial art focuses on, "shock and awe." It is an impressive art that plays on the psychology of the opponent as much as the body. Only the most pure and dedicated of the priestesses are aloud to learn this holy art. They are known for the ritual scars they carry on the backs of their hands, the mark of the goddess.

Guiding Aspect: Chosen of the Gods
Features: Focus 2(+2 to Fighter)
Flaws: Situational(When Outnumbered)

Device: Blessings of The Grandmother
Up the small river, Yanguai, lies the ruins of the First Men. Only one god of the First Men still exists, Grandmother River. She is an old protective god, who lets no impure person enter her domain. When Mahni was but a child, she heard stories of the First Men and went to look for them. This tickled teh Grandmother so much that she gave little Mahni a blessing, Armored bracers, made from a fine a delicate White Jade. They protect Mahni by allowing her hands to move fast enough to block any attack.

Function Aspect: Bracers of Protection
Features: Focus 2(+2 to Fighter), Sturdy 2(2 extra stress boxes on the bracers)
Flaws: Situational(only against ranged attacks)

Device: Necklace of Angatup
One of the greatest virtues of the Ter Praeta is Truth, personified in the god Angatup, the light in the darkness. In honor of Angatup the priestesses crafted the Necklace. It allows the person wearing it to gain the truth from a deceiver.

Function Aspect: Voice of Truth
Features: Focus 2(+2 Aristocrat)
Flaws: Situational(only when forcing someone to tell the truth)

Refresh: 3

And that is my take on a Jadepunk version of Wonder Woman. Let me know what you think. Next up, i will be doing a take on Batman. I think it is going to be fun, he has all kinds of awesome stuff. And I get to build an Ally, which I had not done prior.