Thursday, March 27, 2014

Jianghu League: Maddening Skies

Continuing on in my celebration of Jadepunk's digital release, I am going to keep doing Jadepunk versions of classic DC heroes. I have already done workups for Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, and Aquaman. Today I delve into the awesomeness that is Hawkman.

Eshak Safavi, The Hawk
The Kingdom of Nohket is long gone. All that remains are a few Ruined Temples and Terracotta Statues, half buried in the southern savannas. Little is known of the culture or history of the Nohket people. The statues fetch a massive price on the black market, as they are quite rare and the region is dangerous to explorers. Large hungry beasts stalk the land, and several tiny kingdoms will hunt and kill any outsider found defiling their land. 

To the experienced Naramel Treasure Hunter, Eshak Safavi, the danger was part of the fun. He had raided temples, graves, and treasure rooms on every continent. This would be no different. Upon landing his ship things went south swiftly and with gusto. He lost his wife, Aiyade, to a rampaging Nunda(A feline the size of a horse) on the first day. As they were laying her body to rest, the Huaple people attacked and Eshak was wounded in the escape. As he lay, grieving and in pain, the ship's doctor gave him Black Poppy for the pain. This mixture of Opium and Black Jade dust showed Eshak the truth.

Eshak was truly the reincarnated king of Nohket, and his wife was the reincarnated queen. Cursed to never leave this realm for the afterlife, Aiyade and Eshak had found each other in a hundred lifetimes over a thousand years. He saw in this vision that he was cursed for defiling the graves of so many. To remove this curse he must become a hero, and save the history of all peoples.

Eshak woke from his fever dreams with the clarity of madness. He set sail for Kausao City, for it was there that the rich and the corrupt had sent him out of to steal history from its rightful lands. In the short time he has been in Kausao CIty he has gathered an arsenal, and begun to prey on the tomb robbers and desacrators. Often the last a sky pirate or smuggler will see, is the shadow of the Watchtower as it descends upon them. He has taken the symbols of the Nohket, the flail and the Hawk, as his symbol. He is the Hawk, terror of the skies.

Portrayal: Grief Maddened Skyship Captain
Background: Knows the Skies Like the Back of His Hand
Inciting Incident: Reincarnated Godking of Nohket
Belief: History Is the Soul of the World
Trouble: Delusional Freedom Fighter

Professions: Explorer +3, Aristocrat and Scholar +2, Fighter and Scoundrel +1, Engineer +0

Device: Sky Ship Watchtower
Re-purposed long distance cargo hauler, this ship is quite large for its crew size, and has been outfitted for carrying valuable pieces of history. It contains many artifacts that have yet to be delivered back to their homelands, as well as provisions for long distance travel. It requires only a small crew to run her properly. Eshak won her in a game of cards with a fellow ne'er do well, back in his old pirate days.

Function Aspect: White Jade Airship
Features: Aspect (Massive Exploration Ship), Exceptional (instantly leave or appear in a scene,
as long as there’s a way in or out), Sturdy 1
Flaws: Demanding (requires a Fair [+2] Explorer roll to get the ship underway), Situational
(only with a crew of at least six members who are dedicated to the task of working the ship,
and nothing else)

Device: Nohket Style Wing Harness
In his visions, Eshak saw the kings of Nohket utilizing wings to ascend to their heavenlly palaces. When he arrived in Kausao, he had such wings made for him. They allow him to fly, but they also make him a target as he is a well known pirate and has recently begun hunting down the Governor's ships. The governor does like to have beautiful things, many of which were stolen from their respective peoples.

Function Aspect: White Jade Wings
Features: Sturdy 2(Two extra Stress boxes), Exceptional(Can appear and leave a scene at will by flying)
Flaws: Demanding 2(Takes a turn and an Explorer roll of +2 difficulty to start flying), Troubling(Hunted By The Governor's Forces)

Device: Kahtar's Royal Flail
As he had the wings crafted, he also had crafted a mighty flail. In his delusion, he discovered the flail in the tomb of his first incarnation. 

Function aspect: Blue Jade Flail
Features: Harmful 2(does two extra harm on a successful attack)
Flaws: Troubling(Illegal to Own Such a Weapon)

Techniques: Rage of the Ancients
When he is battle, he often has flashbacks to, "similar situations," that occurred in his, "previous lives." This grants him a fair degree of insight into his foes actions and tactical know-how. Though none can really explain why hallucinating would help him win battles. 

Guiding Aspect: Reincarnated Godking of Nohket
Features: Focus 2(+2 fighter)
Flaws: Situational(only with the flail), Troubling(Dangerously Delusional)

Ally: Watchtower’s Crew
The crew are loyal to Eshak. They really and truly are. However, they are quite concerned with his recent behavior. They are worried it will get worse. A man loses his wife, it is understandable he goes a little nuts, but this? This is different. They stay with him for now, but all are asking themselves, "How far is too far?"

Function Aspect: Crew of the Watchtower
Features: Professional 2 (Engineer +1, Exploration +2), Numerous 3 (eight crew members),
Resilient (one mild consequence), Sturdy (one stress box)
Flaws: Troubling Aspect (Do not trust their Captain Completely): The captain has clearly gone insane, the crew does not know what to do about it yet

Refresh 1

And that is my take on Hawkman for Jadepunk. What do you think? Any comments, critiques, or thoughts would be appreciated. Next I think I will do a version of the Green Arrow.