Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Jianghu League: Lord of the Storm Sea

I have been getting a lot of likes and pluses and stuff with this series, so I thought I would continue on with it for a bit longer. These posts are all using the rules found in Jadepunk, available in electronic format right now! I have previously done Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and the Green Lantern. Today I am digging into that hero of heroes, Aquaman. BOOM!

Arthur, Lord of the Storm Sea
Python Mining Corporation is always looking for new ways to use jade, and new sources of jade. twenty years back, someone in the company came to the conclusion that the ocean floor was an untapped potential source of jade. Several development projects were started to deal with the issues of mining the ocean floor. The Aquaman Project was one such.

The goal was to make a human worker able to survive in the ocean for great lengths of time. They wanted to rebuild men into a slave race of jade miners at the bottom of the sea. The experiment was both a greater success and a greater failure than they could have anticipated. Their subject had phenomenal strength and endurance, could breath water, and even some sort of empathic bond with ocean life. However, they could not break his spirit. One year ago, their Aquaman destroyed the lab and ran away. Now they hunt him, seeking to take him apart and rediscover what they lost in his escape.

Arthur has only vague memories of his life before the experiments. He remembers being cold and hungry a lot. He remembers someone, maybe his mother, getting a large sum of money. He remembers that he had to leave with the men this lady gave him to. That is all he remembers from before. 15 years later he escaped. Arthur escaped the constant pain, the constant experimentation. He escaped into a world he could barely understand. For the last year he has been on the run from Python Mining, and the mercenaries they have hired to track him down. During his time in the world he has helped many people. Fishermen and sea captains speak of the Lord of the Storm Sea, a being of elemental power who brings the creatures of the sea to aid foundering ships.

Arthur has now arrived in Kausao after hearing of other people like him, the Jianghu. Hunted by the authorities, he makes his way as a hero of the people. If you need help, and if you can find him, maybe you can enlist the aid of the Aquaman.

Portrayal: Heart Of The Ocean
Background: Escaped Experiment
Inciting Incident: Never Again
Belief: People Must Be Free
Trouble: No Knowledge Of The World Of Men

Professions: Fighting +3, Explorer and Scoundrel +2, Scholar and Engineer +1, Aristocrat +0

Device: Blue and White Jade tattoos
These tattoos are of an intricate and archaic design. They allow the Aquaman to hold his breath indefinitly underwater(or nearly so) and withstand great pressure(the protective feature). They also had the side effect of allowing the Aquaman to exert some control over marine animal life(this falls under the allies, mechanically, but in fiction this is due to his tattoos) This design was the creation of a brilliant Jade Alchemist who died during Arthur's escape. These designs are the reason Python Mining is after him with such fervor.

Function Aspect: Experimental Jade Tattoos
Features: Protective 1(reduce shift value of attack against you by one), Exceptional(does not need to breath)
Flaws: Troubling(hunted by the Python Mining Corporation), Situational(only in water)

Allies: The Fish of the Seas
He controls marine life. This is kind of a lot of power. 

Function Aspect: Let My Armies Be The Fish In The Sea
Features: Professional( Fighter +1), Resilient 2(two minor consequences), Sturdy 2(4 stress boxes), Independent, Numerous 4(16 critters at a time)
Flaws: Situational(only in or near the water)

Refresh 2

Alrighty then, that was my take on a Jadepunk Aquaman. I am not entirely happy with how it turned out, though I cannot point to anything specific as to why. Any comments, concerns, or critiques would be most welcome. I can't improve if I cannot even see where I fail. Next I think I will do Green Arrow...Or Hawkman...or maybe the Flash? I don't know.