Thursday, August 1, 2013

FATEsy Heartbreaker: Risjar

When the blood of the dying god Dvarton met the last breath of Asdrit a being arose from the ichor and Aether, both beautiful and terrible to behold. A soul made of sky and a body of darkness. This was the birth of the king of the Risjar, Bromm(First) who would become Nihdogge(Destroyer). When Ymric beheld Bromm she loved him, for he was the beauty and savagery of a winter storm. They came together and the race of Risjar(mist born) was born of their union. Bromm, chaotic and wild, could not be contained, even by the bonds of love. He thirsted for power and seeing the Duara, longed for his children to take their place in the world. He came together with the leaders of the Risjar and devised a plan. Coming to Ymric, he gave to her a flower. The flower had a mighty enchantment that caused her to fall in an endless sleep. He then arranged a meeting with the Duara Kings to discuss what to do about the silence of Ymric. During the meeting the Risjar attacked, killing all but one of the kings. From that day on Duara and Risjar have been at war. Duara holding fast during the day and attacking in the night, where they have the advantage. The Risjar seeking any ally or opportunity to defeat their oldest foes.

During the Empire of Iracillam, they sided with the First Men against the Treugh Duara. To this day they view men as allies and are willing to trade or parley with the ancestors of the First Men, provided there are no Duara with them. They have been in a losing war with the Duara and the Bugge Golla Banne.They have been pushed back to the homeland, a green and fertile valley buried deep in the Ribs of Dvarton(a massive northern mountain range).

Things that are always true about your Giant aspect:
  • Giants are larger than the other races
  • Giants were born of the dying blood of Dvarton. They can see perfectly in darkness.
  • Giants were also born from the heart of Asdrit. They are immune to all inhaled toxins and fumes.
Things you can invoke:
  • Giants are larger than other races. Invoke when this would be useful to you.
  • Giants have wild and frenzied nature. They seek freedom and power in all things. Invoke when you are trying to exert control over others, or when you are seeking freedom.
  • Giants dislike Dwarves from time immemorial. When facing a dwarf in combat gain a +2 on attacks.
Things you can compel:
  • Giants are larger than other races. Compel when being big would be a hindrance in a scene.
  • Risjar have a strong sense of fairness. they tend to overreact when they see something that is unfair to them or someone they care about. Compel to have the giant react poorly to perceived unfairness.
  • Giants are used to not being trusted by the other races. They in turn do not trust the other races, except for humans. Compel to make the giants distrust of other races complicate the scene.

Skault: The giants do not tell tales. Nor do they paint or write. Giants sing. They sing the history of their people, from the beginning to the end. These songs must be sung in the open in order to please the spirits of the mountains. Those who sing the deepest songs are known as Skaults. This stunt grants a +2 to any overcome or create advantage roll involved with singing.
Donnarren: The giants practice a fighting art as old as the thunderstorms. When wielding a two handed weapon, gain a +2 to attack rolls.
Revenge: The giants propensity for revenge is legendary. They remember the smallest slight and will repay any wrong that has been done to them. Gain a +2 when using strength or charisma directly against someone who has wronged you. this cannot be used to resist or defend.

So this is my look at Giants. I am not entirely happy with how they turned out. I rewrote this post something like seven times. This is the best I managed. I would love to here what you think about my take on Giants. Any comments, concerns, or critiques would be welcome. The ext post will be on Gnolls, one of my favorite races. I am unsure what direction to take them, though I have a couple of ideas.