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FATEsy Heartbreaker: Monsters and Treasure Part 8

There are many creatures that fall under the category of dragons. Any large serpent could be called a dragon. Even the Hydra could be considered a dragon by some scholars. In this post I will be dealing with the greatest and most well known of all the dragons.

Exaltae Drako(High Dragon)
In the timeless void before the first age of the world their existed Igni(fire) and Glaci(ice). Between them was a chaotic valley of forces, violently colliding. From this sprang the gods and the fathers of gods. Also too came the great spirits, elementals, and unique entities. At the edges of this pit of raw creation Dragons were born. Not gods, monsters, demons, these beings were made from the passion of fire and the cold logic of ice. Dragons were not fixed, they could choose.

Being the first creatures in the world with a choice, they recognized its power. Their first choice was that of form. Each of the gods came to them and tried to suggest a form to the first Dragons. Dvarton suggested they take the form of great shadows, Ao that of a great beast, Pancaam told them to take a form with  great teeth ad appetite, and finally Jain Coar made a suggestion. He suggested they take every form, why stick with one when all forms were available. No one knows why Jain Coar did this. Like all of his stories, he gives a solution that seems to benefit everyone but really benefits none. But the Dragons listened and they became formless, shape-shifters.

The gods were not pleased by this. For they saw in Dragons something they could never have. Each of them was tied to a single shape, a single form. And so they Cursed the first Dragons. They would be masters of shape, but their true shape would always represent their true selves. Other curses were placed upon them as well. They would be covetous, even the best of them. They would never rule, and always be hunted, despite their power. And so it came to pass, the Dragons became as they always would be.

Fire is imagination, Magic is choice, Shape is a truth.

Types of Exaltae Drako
Lords of Air
Cretonitrua(thunder makers)
The blue dragons are master manipulators, they will bend the rules to their wills. Never make a deal with a Blue dragon for they will live up to the letter of the agreement, but twist it to their ends. All dragons can fly, but blue dragons fly with the strength of the storm. They spit lighting and their voice is the cracking of thunder. They are slow to anger, but when roused strike with the fury of a tornado. Blue Dragons are always Lawful Evil. 
Pruinangui(Snow Serpent) 
The white dragons view themselves as the truest of all great dragons, tied to Glaci older than time itself. They hold to pure logic of the most malicious kind. they enjoy demonstrating their intellectual superiority to the lesser being that inhabit their world. They move with the steady surety of a glacier. To face a White Dragon is to face inevitability. White dragons are always Lawful Evil.
The Masters of the First Power
The most powerful and power mad of the dragons, Reds seek power for its own sake. they are fire in all its terrible majesty. They are not the smartest, but they are very clever when it comes to planning or designing things. Red Dragons frequently have more than just their fiery breath as protection, they have magical devices and guardians as well. their lairs contain traps of devious cunning, and the finest golems that can be made. Dwarves still tell the tale of Terpsichore, the dragon who came to them in the shape of a dwarf. She tricked the secrets of creation from King Bjarni before betraying the whole kingdom to the armies of the Giants. The last members of Bjarni's family still seek any knowledge of the location of the dragon who was known as Terpsichore. Red Dragons are always Neutral Evil.
Kings of the Wild
In the swamps, bogs, and marshes the Black dragon reigns supreme. They seek only to have fun at the expense of all the other beings in the world. Black dragons are bullies and hedonists. In teh water blacks are king, able to hold their breath for over an hour and swim at phenomenal speed. 

Green dragons just want to see the world burn. They are very smart, but easily bored. When a green dragon sets a plan in motion it is usually just to see what happens. They like destruction and chaos. Green dragons can breath a noxious gas that will harm all who breath it.

Dragon Stat Blocks
Young Dragon
They are created like a normal character with an attribute cap of +5, and you get 14 points to spend on them. The young dragon will also get two powers from the list of dragon powers, or you can take proficiencies. They have four aspects, They have the color aspect, which covers their alignment and general outlook on life. They have two curse aspects, Power and Gold as well as Never Shall Rule. They also have one scheme aspect, related to the current scheme or plan that the Dragon is involved with at the moment. Also they have access to the elemental power related to their color.

Mature Dragon
They are created as a normal character with an attribute cap of +6 and you get 16 points to spend on them. The mature dragon will get three powers or proficiencies. They have the same four aspects as the young dragon. Also they have access to the elemental power related to their color.

Ancient Dragon
They are created as a normal character with no attribute cap and 20 points to spend on them. The ancient dragon will have five powers or proficiencies. they have the same four aspects as all other dragons. Also they have access to the elemental power related to their color.

Elemental attacks
When a dragon attacks a target with its elemental attack, if it gets a success with style on the attack, the dragon places an aspect on the zone related to the element. On fire for a fire attack. Frozen for a cold attack, and so on. 
Lightning(blue): The dragon can make an Intelligence based ranged lightning attack. If the dragon strikes the target the dragon can use the same attack total -1 to attack another target in the same zone, and another at -2, and so on until the attack misses. Once the dragon missed a target the lightning fizzles and travels no further.
Cold(white): When attacking in a zone that has an aspect related to being cold or frozen on it targets in that zone do not get a free move action. The targets must roll a strength or dexterity roll to move out of the zone. Instead of making an intelligence based cold attack a white dragon can instead seek to freeze and opponent. Roll the dragon's intelligence versus the targets dexterity or constitution. The shifts achieved on a success are now added to the difficulty of any roll the target makes.
Fire(red): the dragon can make a ranged wisdom based ranged attack. When attacking a target in a zone with a fire or heat based aspect on it the dragon does an extra three shifts of stress on a successful attack.
Acid(black): the dragon has a wisdom based ranged acid attack. When the dragon successfully hits the target the target is covered in acid. On the targets next round(and every round thereafter) the target takes an amount of stress(1 extra for a young dragon, 2 extra for a mature dragon, 3 extra for an ancient dragon). The difficulty to get rid of the acid is also variable(+2 for young, +4 for mature, +6 for ancient).
Poison(green): the dragon can make a ranged poison attack with your intelligence. On a zone with a poisoned aspect on it the dragon can attack every target in the zone provided the roll is at a -1 penalty.

Dragon Stunts
Draconian Magic: The Dragon can cast spells in the same manner as a wizard.
Draconian [attribute]: Pick one the Dragon's attributes. Before rolling that attribute set one of the dice to a plus then roll the remainder.
Draconian Knowledge: Gain a +2 bonus to any intelligence roll relating to obscure or arcane knowledge.
Draconian Fortitude: This can be taken a total of three times. the first time it is taken add an additional minor consequence. When take the second add an additional moderate consequence. When taken the final time add an additional severe consequence.
Draconian Flight: Gain a +2 to all maneuvering and movement rolls when flying.
Draconian Rage: If the dragon desire it can take a consequence and gain another action this round.

OK, there is my take on Dragons for Fate Core. This was one of the most difficult posts I have written so far. When I first sat down to write it the prose was dry and read like stereo instructions. I went back and forth on it and it just wasn't getting any better. Then I went to a couple of writing groups and asked for their advice. They were very helpful and I think this draft is quite a bit better. I would love to hear what you all think of it, though. Any comments, critiques, or ideas would be most welcome.

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