Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Shadow Legion: An Urgent Message

My friends +Sharif Abed, +Frank Falkenberg+Ron Frazier, +Brian Boring, and I all got together to continue the saga of the Shadow Legion. The ship was horribly damaged, as was Commander Kevik. The crew spent the first few scenes getting the ship back up and running. Once that was done our heroes headed to center to report...

...and a year had gone by! When they arrived the crew is bombarded with orders to meet up with there Legion contact Council Being Smythe. There was some debate from Gamesman Alric as to how much to tell Smythe, and he ended up sending the information to the Tesh embassy before meeting with his superiors. Smythe is freaking out. He wants to know what happened. Eventually the news gets sorted out. They hand over the technologies they have collected. As the various factions and groups start to process the news of the characters return and the information they bring with them, Kevik is contacted by the Terran Majority's Ambassador. He owed her a big favor and she was calling it in. Her brother has been kidnapped by the Pirates of Antares. She calls in her favor and Kevik agrees. A new adventure begins.

So in this game session, there was an issue with Sharif's connection as he was away from his normal connection. Also I introduced a rival for Commander Kevik, Isabelle "Iso" Ramirez. It is pretty darn cool to see Kevik get pissed at someone he can't shoot. i really love the games set in Center. I like to just let Frank loose, he is a political machine and he always makes the situation far more tense. Gamesman Alric is like a machine for adding stakes to the game.

If you like, here is the recording of play:

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