Friday, August 2, 2013

FATEsy Heartbreaker: G'nol

After the fall of the Ael Luhd, the kingdoms of the Ael Adratta came into conflict with the G'no Ma Duara. The Ael War lasted for decades, both people being long of life and long of memory. Toward the end of the war many weapons and magics were unleashed without forethought or concern. The G'nol(hunger) were one of the worst creations of the war. After the war things became complicated. With no war to fight the G'nol had no purpose. The Duara tried to wipe them out. This did not go well. The G'nol fled from their former masters. A new war had begun.

The G'no Ma Duara created them from hyena stock, adding intelligence while keeping the beasts savagery and bestial desires. They bred and matured quickly, to form the armies of the Duara.
Since they have left they have spread out into small clans and bands throughout all the world. the empire of Iracillam viewed Gnolls as not a sentient race at all. they were viewed more as varmints with a bounty on Gnoll pelts in many frontier towns. Since the fall of the human empire the Gnolls have made a resurgence. There are even a few towns that will accept Gnolls within them as they helped out during the fall of the empire, protecting the people of a few towns from the monsters and magical beasts that were unleashed during the final days of Iracillam.

The Flind(Workers) are Gnoll monks who have retreated from the world in order to understand themselves and control their urges. They wield the flindbar, a weapon and tool. It is a flail used for beating wheat and grains. Wheat is the symbol of their order. They are vegetarian Gnolls living on beans, wheat, grains, and corn. The Ynaugge view the Flind as their oldest and most hated enemy, opposed to everything the Ynaugge stand for. there have never been very many Flind, but they are quite active in the world. Once a Flind has graduated to a certain level they must go out into the world and do good deeds, setting an example for other Gnolls to follow. They preach of The Coming God, a savior to all Gnolls. they believe when enough Gnolls follow the path of the Flind, this new god will show itself and the Gnolls will have peace finally.

Ynaugge(Horde), these gnolls worship the god Heihke(death) and the goddess Brjalla(decay). They see themselves as warriors in a war against their masters. They seek to break down the world. Their are two groups within the horde. The Bjude(confusion) believe that they are the knives of righteousness. They are assassins and some have magics that let them take on the appearance of others. Just the rumor of these beings is enough to cause chaos in a city's hierarchy. The other group within the horde is the Shusva(eaters of the dead). Dark necromancers and those who make pacts with the darkest of demons, they are the most dedicated of all the horde. They will infuse an army with demonic energy or supplement an army with their undead minions. They eat the brain and heart of their enemies, believing they will gain the knowledge and strength of the enemy.

Ghuun(lost/free), are the most common G'nol, though not the ones spoken of the most. They have no home, no gods, no past, and some say no future. They have no overarching worldview. They believe whatever will get them through the next day. Some are good, some are bad, others just want to get by in life.

Things that are always true about your Gnoll aspect:
  • Gnolls are born to hunger. They can eat any organic material and gain sustenance from it. They cannot be poisoned by ingested poisons.
  • They were created by the Gnomes with a mixture of Hyena and Troll essence. If they are wounded but not killed they will eventually recover, no matter the damage taken. They have been known to regrow limbs and even internal organs, provided they can survive without them long enough.
  • Gnolls have no gods. They can choose a god, but their race has no creator god, and so the gods tend to not look fondly upon them. Gnolls cannot become clerics.
Things that can be invoked:
  • Gnolls were created to fight elves. invoke when fighting an elf.
  • Gnolls were created by the Gnomes. They understand the minds of Gnomes. Invoke when dealing socially with Gnomes.
  • Gnolls are related to trolls. Invoke when resisting damage.  
  • Gnolls were a terror weapon in the last days of a horrible war. Many elven stories speak of the Gnoll attacks hitting without warning. The Gnoll's laughter is all that is remembered. The horrible laughter in the darkness. Invoke when attempting to terrify someone.
Things that can be compelled
  • Gnolls are born hungry. Compel when they cannot contain their hunger and it makes the scene more complicated.
  • Gnolls are born to war. Their instinct is war. Compel when surprised. the Gnoll responds to the surprise with force.
  • Gnolls instinctively distrust moon elves. Compel when dealing with a Moon Elf and this would become a problem for the scene.
  • Gnolls were betrayed by the Gnomes after the Ael War. compel to make a Gnoll distrust any gnome they are dealing with to cause complications in the scene.
Demon-Blessed: You have served in the Ynaugge at one point. You were prayed over by a Shusva and have been granted demonic power. You can now gain a consequence to enhance a roll. the bonus gained is equal to the degree of the consequence. You would gain a +2 for a minor consequence, a +4 for a moderate, and a +6 for a severe. these consequences must represent a demon of corruption, decay or death taking a small amount of control over you.The demon whispers in the darkness of your mind. Sometimes you can control yourself. Sometimes you cannot. When the demon rides, nothing is safe.
Snake Eater: You have ingested so much poison over the years that you have become inured to it. You are immune to all poisons.
 War Born: You have the instincts of a warrior. When you are attacking one enemy with a group of people you have trained with at your side you gain a +2 to attack that creature.
Flind Training: You are trained in the use of the flindbar. When wielding a flindbar gain a +2 to create advantage rolls relating to the use of the flindbar.

And that is my take on Gnolls. I would love to hear what you think about them.  I was at a bit of a loss when I started out, but I am really pleased with how they turned out. The next post will be on the last of the player races, the Sahuagin. I have absolutely no idea on how to deal with them. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.