Sunday, July 28, 2013

FATEsy Heartbreaker: Golla Banne

The Ael Ve have a story about the deep forest and the creatures that dwell therein.They speak of beasts with the minds of elves.  These creatures are said to be horrible to look at and able to speak to predatory beasts. The Ael Ve call these creatures Goblin. 

The Duara tell of the great horde of the north. Creatures that drove the Giants from the north. Beings that harnessed the power of Great bears of the north. The word the Giants used to describe these beings, Goblin, has no meaning in any language the Duara have ever heard.

Men remember the dark times at the beginnings of their race. They know there was another race created before them. This race rebelled and ran off into the darkness. This led directly to the creation of Man. This race was known as the Goblins.

The Laiela speak of the Dark Brothers that were created alongside the Laiela. This race was created of the beasts of the land and had a powerful need to hunt and conquer. These Dark Brothers were known as Goblins.

No one knows what the truth of this mysterious people is.

In the beginning was Nature, red in tooth and claw. She cared only for the balance and the cycle. She made the spirits of all things in balance, hunter and prey. The spirits then went about creating all the living things upon the earth that Golla Banne require for health and happiness.

The Golla Banne are the brothers to beasts. They claim to have sprung from the night fully formed into the primordial darkness, hungry and ready to hunt. Their ancient Spirit Talkers made pacts with the spirits of beasts and Nature to aid them in their hunt. To this day the Deep Forest is their domain.

The three Goblin Pacts
The oldest of the Golla Banne pacts, the Hobbe Golla Banne dwell where the forest meets the plains. Long ago they made a pact with Fenrir, and to this day Barrag Haos(Great Wolves) live with and follow the Hobbe pact. These are the Goblins most often encountered by non-goblins, and so often they are seen as the example of what all Goblins are. They live in hunting bands, only gathering once a year on the winter solstice for the Wyld Hunt. Barrgrivv, the goblin king, leads the hunt. Any living thing in the path of the hunt is fair game.

In the north, where the Barrag Urogg(Great Bear) rule, the Bugge Golla Banne make their homes. Often called Bug Bears they are the largest of the Goblins, having made pact with the bears.They do not have any kind of group structure, only coming together when threatened by an outside force, like when the Giants still lived in the north. Mostly they wander through their frozen lands alone. Every year for a week in mid winter they gather to trade, gather news, and seek a mate. A mated couple will stay together for a few years, generally, until their child is old enough to survive on its own. Then they all part ways. The Bugge Golla Banne are pragmatic and view self sufficiency as the highest achievement for any mortal being.

Deep in the heart of the forest the Edde Golla Banne, the least known Goblin pact, hunts the night. They are masters of traps and poisons. They are the least numerous and the slightest of builds of all the Goblin peoples. Even the other Goblins have difficulty trusting the Edde Golla Banne, those who deal with the Barrag Addarr(Great Spiders). They live high in the old growth or in burrows in the ground. They have the most organized society among the Goblins. Every year on the first of spring they have a great game ceremony. The winners of the various games have the honor of being fed to the Spider spirit that watches over their people.

Things that are always true about your Goblin aspect:
  • Goblins view all but divine magic as unnatural and evil. Goblins cannot become wizards.
  • Goblins are well liked by the species of animal they have a pact with. Unless provoked these animals will treat the goblin as a friend.
  • Goblins can see in the dark.
Things that can be Invoked:
  • Goblins have amazing senses. Invoke when having excellent senses would be useful.
  • Goblins are creatures of the hunt. Invoke when hunting.
  • Goblins may not know much of the higher gods, but they deal with the spirits and supernatural denizens of the material plane very often. Invoke when knowledge about the spirits that inhabit the world would be useful.
Things that can be compelled:
  • Goblins do not allow non family members to see their faces. They where terrifying masks at all times when outside of their home, or away from their family. Compel when they will not unmask and it could cause a problem for them.
  • A Goblin only kills to eat or to appease the spirits. they do not understand why one would kill for any other reason. In a fight with a non-goblin, they will assume it is a fight to the death. Compel when mercy might be required in a fight.
  • Other races know almost nothing about Goblins. they are generally viewed as savages and barely better than beasts. Compel when attempting to convince someone that you are not a beast.
Oaggi: The Goblins have always been the defenders of the balance. They seek to protect the world from Outsiders and intervention from the other planes. The Oaggi(Watchful) are a special group made up of Goblins from all three pacts. they are dedicated to fighting Outsiders. They are the guardians of the balance. Gain a +2 to any roll against a creature from outside of the known planes(Beholders, Illithids, and the like are the most common examples).
Spider Blood: This can only be taken by the Edde Golla Banne. You are a master of poisons. you are immune to damage from poisons. If you take this stunt twice(the maximum you can take this stunt is twice), you gain a +2 bonus to any roll involving making poisons.
Huntsman: You must be a Hobbe Golla Banne to take this stunt. You have been recognized by Barrgrivv during a Wyld Hunt for the slaying of a truly worthy prey. Choose what type of creature that prey was. You gain a +2 bonus to any rolls involved in hunting that type of creature again.

And that is my take on the Goblins. I would love to hear what you think. the next post will be on either  Sahuagin, Giants, or Gnolls. I can't decide, so let me know what one you would like to see.