Monday, August 5, 2013

Shadow Legion: Needful Things

+Ron Frazier, +Frank Falkenberg, +Sharif Abed+Brian Boring, and I continued our adventures. This session starts with our heroes on a dead ship with only twenty minutes of air remaining in there air systems. They work to get the part they need and manage to get it free with minimal damage. They carry the piece toward the Shooting Star. Sukar forces ambush them! There was a firefight, and things look bad. They manage to get free and back to the ship, wounded but successful. Sukar command ships are giving chase. Most of the command crew are installing the new drive system or in the med bay. The ship jumps out of the system, horribly damaged, most of the crew is dead or wounded, but free and clear with a new piece of technology.

Issues that came up
mostly there was only one issue and it was not that big an issue. Mostly it comes down to active opposition for player characters when it makes sense. Often it is difficult for me to come up with an active opposition. Thisis just a creativity block for me though. I am working on this though.

Another area my creativity is still needing work, and one that show up in this session, is in the area of succeeding a a cost. Having to come up with potentially two costs for any given roll is a bit difficult.

High lights of the session:
Capain Komodo as a Catholic Alien makes me laugh a little bit.
Dr. Fialagoo...he is so much fun to play. seriously he is just a hoot.
I inflicted my first moderate consequence ever!