Wednesday, August 7, 2013

FATEsy Heartbreaker: Monsters and Treasure Part 2

The Duara tell tales of the Rohsuk(disorder). Creations of Mjodgut that got away. They are creatures of madness and destruction, existing only to tear the world down. After the dawning war there was the time of the thousand conflicts. The Rohsuk would come at Dwarf and Giant alike. There are mountain valleys to this day, that are stained with the blood from those battles. The Rohsuk kill with out remorse. They attack even when outnumbered. They cannot be understood, bargained with, or intimidated. They are a plague upon the world.

 The Ael Ve speak of the Orahma(Merciless). The horrifying offspring of Ael Adratta and beasts. Cursed beings with no desires other than to kill all in their path. They see the Orahma as the embodiment of the curse laid upon them by Ao. When even the whisper of Orahma is heard in their forests, the Ael Ve go to war.

The Ael Adratta have a different story. Long ago the Orahma were Ael Droutsa. These evil elves delved into secrets none should know. They summoned a demon lord to learn its secrets. They were enslaved instead. For centuries they were tortured and mutilated, taught to hate all that was good and right. This was the beginning of the Orahma.

Among the Golla Banne, few ever tell of the Rukke(rage). When the Golla Banne sprang from the primordial darkness, they were not the only things to do so. So too emerged the Rukke. They know no emotion save hatred. They are consumers and defilers. They are anathema to Nature, and seek to extinguish her from the world. Golla Banne will band together en mass should the rumor of Rukke reach their ears.

To the First Men they were known as Orke(demon), now called Orc. During the final days of Iracillam many a corrupt sorcerer brought forth an army of these foul demons. Orcs are difficult to control, but are unwavering in combat. They were used many times by various noble houses in their schemes and petty wars. Often they would get loose and ravage the countryside. Their only purpose seems to be destruction. It became a law that those who would summon Orcs would be put to death. To this day Orcs are viewed with hatred and shame by humans.

Risjar will whisper the name Ruckt(mad) when speaking of old wars.  These beasts were so ravenous and crazed that neither giant nor dwarf could hold them back. The ongoing Ruckt attacks finally caused a treaty to be formed between the Giants and the Dwarves. To this day, a Ruckt outbreak is the only thing that will bring these two people together.

Laiela call them Hauti(broken) and will kill them on sight. they have no stories or folklore about them. They just hunt them down like a rabid animal and then move on with their lives.

The G'nol call them the Enemy of All. Being bred for war, the Flind see these demons as the reason they exist. Flind will hunt the Enemy of All on the smallest of rumors. Many Ynaugge have been seen in the company of the Enemy. The demons and the Ynaugge share many of the same desires. These are the most common types of demon that march with the Ynaugge.

The Orcs
When Dvarton fell in battle to Asdrit his black blood poured out in great rivers. these were swallowed up by the earth, but they remain still. Deep in the earth are the rivers of darkness. From these rivers spring forth, fully formed, Orcs. Orcs are niether demon nor natural thing. They have no gender, culture, or desires save for destruction. They are the last dying revenge of Dvarton. They cannot be controlled for long and they seek the destruction of everything.

Nameless Orc
Aspects: Born of Primal Darkness, Destroy!
Skilled(+2) at: Attacking, fighting, breaking things, Terrifying people
Bad(-2) at: Understanding people, caring, planning
Stress: [1][2]

Mob of Orcs(never less than 4 orcs)
Aspects: Born of Primal Darkness, Destroy!, Strength in Numbers
Skilled(bonus equals number of Orcs remaining) at: Attacking, Fighting, Breaing things, terrifying people
Bad(-2) at: Understanding people, caring, planning
Stress: a number of stress boxes equal to the amount of Orcs plus an additional two stress boxes.

A named Orc is a rare and dangerous thing. Follow the rules for creating a character when making a Named Orc. They tend to fall into the fighter class.

Story Hooks for use with Orcs:
A Dark Rumor: A small hamlet in the southern hills has not been heard from in several weeks. Upon traveling to the place you discover it has been burnt to the ground. It looks like Orc work, though there have not been orcs in these parts in nearly twenty years. upon further investigation the party will find the old ruins of an Iracillam Sorcerer's secret lab. It appears to have been broken into, and the orcs were set loose from it. Who let them out? What secrets are held deep within the ruins of the sorcerer's lab? Is this a single indecent or the beginnings of something greater and more sinister?
Prepare for War: Refugees begin to pour into the characters home town. Speaking of a horde of monsters descending on them. This is a vast army of Orcs, the likes of which have not been seen since the dawning of the world. This is the beginning of an epic campaign. The party must get all the races to gather together to fight this horde, all the while trying to discover the source of this evil. Orcs are rarely organized. Who has summoned them and to what purpose?

And there is the Orcs for my world. I would love to hear what you think of them.My next post will be on Kobolds, so any thoughts on how to handle them would be appreciated.