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FATEsy Heartbreaker: Monsters and Treasure part 6

Exiled Elves

There are two kinds of elves that are not mentioned often by the Elven peoples, Ael Kohya(Lost People) and Ael Droutsa(Bad People). They were never very many, and the Elves hide their shame. The Ael Kohya are those Elves who do not wish to live in the old ways. Some seek a cure for the curse, others seek to live with an eye toward the future. Ael Droutsa, also called Drow or Duergar, are those who seek to destroy the gods themselves. They want to end the curse in any way they can and have bargained with dead gods for the power to do so, The rest of the Elven people hunt both the Ael Droutsa and the Ael Kohya as traitors and heretics.

The Ael Kohya are known as The Lost, but a better name would be exile. They have left their people and their ways behind in search of something new. They have cut ties. Should an Ael Kohya ever return to elven lands they would be hunted and killed. Such is the price of questioning. They are known by the Nirsana Cinah(Exile's Mark) mystically branded on their left cheek.

Nameless Ael Kohya
Aspects: I must find my own way, We must not be mired in memory, I am not lost I am wandering
Good(+2) at: Fighting, Investigating, Surviving
Bad(-2) at: Lying, Hiding feelings, Getting along with others
Stress: [1] [2]
Special: Can see in the dark and is very attractive

When the Ael Luhd(fair people) were cast from Sakahmara(city of light) to lands of Kaista(misery) one Elf did not accept his fate. He remembered the greatness they once had and held to the secrets that should be forgotten. When their gods cursed him, he cursed the gods. The elf was Smarath, the first Ael Droutsa, the first Drow.

Deep beneath the roots of the world are three rivers. Rivers of black blood shed by the gods during a great war. These rivers are Kedah(regret), Dveas(malice), and Dartyu(mortality). When Smarath rebelled against the just punishment of the Ael Luhd he knew where to find the power he needed. He went to the roots of the world. He listened to the whispers of the dead god whose bones lay there. Smarath pledged to bring down the gods and bathed in the waters of the three rivers. Profane magics were etched into his skin, and he rose from the dark heart of the world to wreak his vengeance.

Smarath was stopped, but he was only the first. Every few decades one or tow Elves become lost to the whispers of the dead god, whose name shall not be spoken. They make a choice. They fall. All that is natural becomes turned against them, but they gain power. The curse of their people no longer touches them. They become pale creatures, with white eyes and hair. There bone white skin only marred by the tattoos etched into their skin, black and vile, granting them dark magic unlike anything the world has seen.

Ael Droutsa NPCs
Drow are abominations, mad demigods with the desire to shake the pillars of heaven. They are always made as major villains. There skill cap is two higher than the party's current maximum. Otherwise they are made like a regular character. They cannot become clerics or wizards, because no natural or supernatural force will touche them. Instead they bind the magics of a god to themselves through the mystic tattoos they receive. Here are three sample Mystic Tattoos. Urnapta: you have been blessed by the river Dartyu. When you gain this dark gift pick an attribute. Before rolling that attribute set one of your dice to a plus, then roll the rest as normal. Bdala: Having bathed in the river Dveas you have the gift of reciprocity. Once per scene you can deal an amount of stress to an opponent equal to an amount of stress you just took. Pira: When you emerged from the river Kedah all your heartache was washed away. you are now as cold and uncaring as the river that cleansed you. You are immune to social attacks.

Generally speaking you will find Drow leading armies of Orcs, Ynaugge, or other major threats. These guys are either in charge or have the ear of the guy in charge. They want to kill the gods and are willing to do anything to make that happen.

The Drow use vile weapons, enchanted by the same method that made them. They take the bones of a family member and craft a sword from them. When the proper ritual is done and the weapon is submerged in one of the rivers it come out stronger than steel with a vicious will of its own. Here is a sample blade.

Drow Bone Sword
Ego: +4
Purpose: Destroy all that is good and just
Effect: When you have inflicted a consequence on a foe, you can make an attack on the victim in addition to your normal attack even if the victim is not in the same zone as you. A victim must take a turn to make a contested Wisdom roll with you to remove this effect.
Cost: 6

Alright so there is my take on Drow. Also there is a new kind of Elf, so that is cool. My basic idea was to make being a dark elf a choice and to make that choice a horrible one. These are bad guys. I would love to hear what you think of this or any other post I have made. Any thoughts, comments, or critiques would be welcome. If you want to see my take on the elves, or if you want to see how the magic item rules work links have been provided.

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  1. Great take on Drow, love the idea of them as elves that have consciously turned to evil in order to avenge themselves on the gods that have wronged them :)