Thursday, June 20, 2013

Shadow Legion: Marddeth

The Marddeth have a story...
In the beginning was the Katroczeh[Maker/Creator/Builder]. It created the Shreev[Code/Reason/Breath]. The Shreev was life, but the Shreev was without Reazi[Form/Purchase/Meaning]. Katroczeh gave the Shreev the means to achieve Reazi. In seeing its work was near completion Katroczeh crafted its final message, carving it into the rock of the land. It then departed. When The First saw the message they rejoiced for the knowledge.

Then came the Interpretation[schism/divide/discussion]. Then came the Singularity War. The Drei[Thinkers/Unbodied/Formless] believed that thought was all and the physical reality was a waste. The Marddeth[Solid/Shaped/Real] believed that Form mattered as much as thought. The Interpretation and the Singularity War raged for an age. In the end only the Marddeth remained.

This was the beginning.

New Planet
Ahlmak: long ago the Marddeth were created here. A metal rich lifeless rock circling a cold star. The Marddeth have long since abandoned it, though many still make pilgrimages to it once in their lives. The only permanent residents are the four cults of Katroczeh that maintain temples on the planet.

Unique Marddeth
Most Marddeth take on forms that are reminiscent of the other intelligent races of the galaxy. Some do not. Some take the idea of form far beyond. these are the heretics and the rogues, hermits and recluses of the Marddeth.

Bahmu: A Marddeth of massive proportion. Bahmu has not set foot on a planetary body in centuries. It roams the space lanes hunting for ships which it attacks and devours to fuel its growth. no one has seem this titanic being in well over fifty years. There are many who do not believe Bahmu even exists.

The Flood: A heretic of the highest order. the Marddeth that became the Flood was obsessed with the next step in Marddeth evolution. It would alter its form on a nearly daily basis. One day it stepped forward and declared the current direction of the Path of Form was false. Seven days later all life on that planet, artificial and organic, was extinguished. There have been three expeditions to the planet. Only one came back. A Tesh was the only survivor. It was he who told of the Flood. It was he who renamed the planet. Dashel rthuna, Fields of Echo.

Sado: Sado split itself into many bodies. Sado believes that to attain enlightenment it must experience everything. Sado is crazy. Many have met Sado. Even Sado has met Sado. On those rare occasions, Sado kills itself. Sado is crazy.

Dr. Fialagoo, MD: Fialagoo believes that to understand the Path of Form, one must first understand form in all its variety. So it went out and got a Medical Degree. It got seven of them. Fialagoo is probably the greatest doctor in the galaxy. It is also a It is cheerful and in love with pharmaceuticals. This is its greatest form of entertainment. But really does care about all those organics. Really, it does.

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