Thursday, June 20, 2013

Paranoia: FATE of Alpha Complex

On fate Points earlier today we had a brief tangent about what Fate does well. I made a quick mention that I thought that Fate would not do Paranoia well. I immediately started to calculate how to do Paranoia in Fate. Here are my initial thoughts on how that might work:

Campaign Aspects
The Computer Cannot Be Wrong
The Computer Is Broken

Your character starts with a trouble aspect and one other aspect. it has no skills, no stress tracks, and no refresh. You do have a Red security clearance, a new jump suit, and a job as a troubleshooter.

when you die and are reconstructed, or reach what would normally be a major milestone you have the option of gaining a skill point in a skill, a stunt, a mutation, a security clearance upgrade, a Big Gun, or a point of refresh.

Stunts: Use the rules for creating a stunt from FAE, but replace +2 with +1.
Mutations: A stunt that gives a +2 bonus, however being a mutant counts as a second trouble that can be compelled. No one trusts a filthy stinking mutant. when you take a mutation write down whether you are a registered or unregistered mutant.
Security Clearance: Increasing your clearance makes you more valuable to the Computer. You can legally have more information than lower security clearances.
Big Gun: All troubleshooters may request to have a gun. you are special, the Computer gave you a present. You have a Big Gun. Big Guns do a minimum of four stress, however if you miss your attack roll by three you take four stress rather than your opponent.

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