Saturday, June 22, 2013

Shadow Legion: Into the Valley of the Shadow

Two weeks ago +Frank Falkenberg, +Sharif Abed, +Brian Boring, +Ron Frazier, and I got together to play another game of Fate Core. In this our heroes head out on their great mission to find the source of the Sukar, to find some weakness or weapon they can use against this alien menace.

In this episode I built an extended challenge into the game. Basically there is a difficulty that needs to be reached in order to gain a specific benefit. As well as an overall difficulty to finish the whole project. After thinking on it for a weak I think I would have preferred to have a minimum success required to move toward the end goal. I don't know, I will think on this idea some more.

Our heroes also were compelled to do all kinds of crazy dangerous things in this session. Which I think is fantastic. Overall the game went well. The party works well together and still have a nice amount of conflict going on.

Also this is the first appearance of the ship's doctor, a Marddeth named Fialagoo. This may be my favorite NPC I have ever design on the fly.

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