Friday, June 7, 2013

Shadow Legion: The Center Must Hold

This week +Frank Falkenberg, +Ron Frazier+Sharif Abed+Brian Boring, and I got together to play another session of Shadow Legion together. It went well. Lots of things happened.

The characters make it back to Center, the home of Charter government. They immediately split up. Commander Kevik hurries to the Terran Majority embassy to let Ambassador Pratima Burhano know of the Sukar threat. Initially she does not believe him, but when he promises a favor she agrees to present his evidence before the Charter Council.

Gamesman Alric makes the next move in the Great Game. He manages to get Matriarch Brun to agree to a mating arrangement. However she does win this round of the Game. When he speaks with Ginko Alric begin to put the pieces together that their immediate superior, Council Being Smythe, is far more than he appears. There is mention of the Primacy of Man and a secret fleet.

G'Lex and Ginko both make some discoveries as well. Ginko discovers much about the Sukar's technology level and history, with some help from Alric.G'Lex discovers a leftover program from the AIs they discovered in the last session. It sent information of their activities back to the AIs.

New Setting Information
The Primacy of Man: In the birth of the last century a small science cult sprang up that believed in moving humanities genetic potential forward. They began a system of intense eugenics and genetic modification. When the Gate’s where create they swiftly moved to an earthlike world and sealed it off from the rest of the universe. Political tension is high as they believe they are the superior beings in the universe.

Shields: Weapon technology had negated all traditional armors. The invention of The Shield has made many weapons untenable, and reopened old ways of doing harm. The Shield works by preventing objects moving at a certain speed or higher from passing it by. The shield can be bypassed by massed fire(shooting it till it collapses) or by using a slower attack method(melee weapons).
When attacked, the defender can choose to use the shield’s stress box instead of the character’s stress box. You can remove the stress from the shield by spending a turn and rolling technology against a difficulty equal to the stress in the box.

Shields and ratings
Low quality Civilian Shield: a Single 1 stress box against ranged weapons
High Quality Civilian Shield: a single 2 stress box against ranged weapons
Military' Grade Shield: a single 3 stress box against ranged weapons
Armor: Advanced firearm technology had made armors obsolete, until the advent of shields. Shields made hand to hand combat viable again, and armor returned with it. Armor works like a shield only against melee weapons rather than ranged.

Armors and rating
Light armor: a single 1 stress box against melee weapons
Medium armor: a single 2 stress box against melee weapons
Heavy armor: a single 3 stress box against melee weapons


  1. How have you found this shield & armour system to work for you? We're playing Bulldogs now, and the armour system there subtracts stress from attacks instead of putting a stress box against weapons.

    1. I have found it to work amazingly well, minus a few glitches on my part. Basically so long as you make sure the weapon ratings don't exist or don't go over three or four, you are good. It is easier to keep track of as well.