Tuesday, June 4, 2013

And then...the end of everything.

Last week I played in +Michael Pedersen's Fate Core game along with +Sharif Abed and +David Cooper . We played through the next step in our plans to take down the Cold Bloods, a vicious street gang bent on ending he world. My friends, of course, wish to stop this plan. My goal is slightly different. I wish to have the power to end the world for myself. The gods have forsaken my people. They did nothing to stop the death of our god or our civilization. Now they shall know the pain of the damned. I am fairly singleminded in this task.

I am afraid I went rather a bit far in this endeavor. It seems that Michael was having difficulty this session and we end up stopping after about an hour. We do have a magnificent conversation on GMing in Fate for about an hour. I feel i may have come across a bit strong in this conversation. I have that tendency. I talk too much. It was with the intent to help, but I think I do come across as overbearing. Here is the recording:

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