Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Shadow Legion: Die Nibelungenlied

Last week I did not run a game, as I was busy. The week before I ran a game for +Sharif Abed, +Ron Frazier, +Brian Boring, and +Frank Falkenberg. Our heroes were searching  a massive facility in orbit of one of the suns in this uncharted systems. the heroes ended up split three ways, each running into their own problems. Sharif's character meets with Etzel, the leader of the AIs who built this facility. He manages to convince them that he and his crew are not here to attack. Ron and Brian's characters head back to the ship when PAICO, the ships AI, tells them he is under attack. They manage to save the ship. Frank's character runs into a commando team from the Deija ship. There comes a wonderful scene of confusion as each side fights every other side. In the end Frank's character is captured, as is the Deija commando leader. there is a big argument about who is bad and who is good, in the end our heroes escape with the promise to never tell anyone what they had seen here.

So I split the party in this. in fact I split the party twice. Fate seems to handle this rather well. There did not seem to be any big hiccups with splitting the party or dealing with three separate combats alongside a character rushing to repair the ship faster than it can get damaged. Part of it might be in how I run the game. I tend to jump around and treat each action as part of the whole even when they are happening great distances apart. I think the main reason this works so well is within the system of Fate Core itself. The game has simplified the actions and streamlined them, making jumping around far easier. Also the advice in it is solid and specifically geared toward what Fate does well.

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