Sunday, October 20, 2013

Shadow Legion: Pirates of Antares

+Ron Frazier+Brian Boring+Frank Falkenberg, and I got together to play a game of Shadow July. Yeah, I know. I should have put this up months ago, but I was so busy working on Jadepunk, that I kind of got distracted and didn't post this up on my site. I will be adding in the remainder of the actual play recordings shortly. As I am nearing completion with my first draft of my materials for Jadepunk, I should have a bit more time to work on the website more. Which is good, as I have the outlines of about fourteen posts or so, that I have not had time to flesh out and finish.

In this session our, "Heroes," have decided to lay a trap for some pirates so that they may steal the pirates ship and thus gain entry into the Pirate clans and the High Tortuga, flagship of the pirate fleet. their plans go forward with the normal amount of deception and convolution.

Overall the game went well. there were very few major issues, aside form a couple of times when the players got so into coming up with plans they forgot to actually do anything. Aside from that though, all went well. Check out the recording if you don't believe me:

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