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Blue 6: The Characters of Omnis Mundi

Here is my attempt at character creation rules for Omnis Mundi. Let me know what you think. I would like to announce that I would love to open up this world for other people to develop. Here is how I see this going. You pick a section of the world that no one else has covered and begin to make it weird, make it crazy. then give me a link back in the comments. We can make a whole big world together and then we can play in it. Isn't that awesome! I am currently working on the eastern seaboard of the United states, basically from Atlanta Georgia to NewYork to the Appalachian mountains. Anything else in the world is all yours!

Here is the first rough idea for the world as I understand it: Part 1.

Now enough of all that, on to the Character creation rules.

The aspects are standard to Fate Core. You get a High Concept, a Trouble, and the Phase Trio as normal.

The skills in Omnis Mundi are basically the same as those presented in Fate Core. Lore has been split into a lot of skills as understanding of the world has been fragmented in the years since The End. aside from that things are the same.

Medicine: This is used for healing people and dealing with the consequences of stress. You are a student of both Physical medicine and Psychiatric medicine. Use for overcome rolls when dealing with consequences, and for create advantage related to mental or physical problems.
Technology: This is a skill for utilizing and understanding high technology of the ancients and high tech alternate universes. With this you can repair tech devices, and figure out how to use them. this can be used to Overcome obstacles dealing with technology and create advantages related to technology.
History: This covers more than just normal history. It covers the history of all worlds. Understanding of culture and behavior is part of understanding history. This is used for overcome rolls dealing with a thing or place's history and meaning. This also covers an understanding of esoteric ancient languages and the like. This can be also used to create advantages related to a historical or cultural understanding.
Lore: Magic, demons, monsters, gods, and all manner of supernatural beings are covered by this skill. It is the understanding of Magical theory(or theories depending on how many forms of magic you are dealing with) as well as understanding demons and supernatural monsters from beyond the tear. This is for overcome and create advantage actions in relation to the supernatural
Pilot: You can pilot aircraft, watercraft, Land vehicles, and robots. This is used for Defense(dodging and the like), create advantage, and overcome actions relating to piloting the specific vehicle.
Ride: this is for dealing with animal mounts as you would pilot a vehicle. Defense, overcome, and create advantage.
Survival: When in natural environments you use this skill for understanding the natural creatures and plants, as well as any overcome and create advantage roll related to an understanding of survival in nature.

Massive Damage
Basically your equipment is either  does or takes normal or massive damage. If you have Massive armor then normal weapons do one less stress, to a minimum of one stress(you could create advantage to get around the armor). Massive damage weapons cancel out Massive armor, and against a person not in massive armor they do one extra stress. however when you take an opponent out with a Massive damage weapon and they have no Massive armor they are disintegrated or destroyed beyond recognition. Their is no set for stun on a Massive Damage Weapon.

You start with three pieces of equipment of your choosing from the following list: A standard weapon, a massive damage weapon. a suit of massive damage armor, A toolkit, a hand held computer(with either a library of informative books, a bunch of how to videos, or a set of specialty programs for hacking into other computers), Survival gear, a personal vehicle(or for two equipment choices a vehicle big enough to comfortably hold five), a riding animal of average quality, stylish clothes, sensor kit(like a tricorder),(needs to be more items here, any suggestions would be useful)

You also get an item of great personal significance to you.

Equipment can be treated like aspects and justification for actions for the most part.

Magics and Mysticism
Magic in Omnis Mundi is hard to define. All magics are possible here, and so magic cannot be defined as one thing. However here is what is known to be universally true about magic. It runs counter to the known laws of physics in some manner or another. It seems to be driven to some degree by the will of the magic user, and it does not always behave the same in the same situations. It will work one way in one place or with one person and work a completely different way with another person or in another place. However, all magic adheres to rules, it is just that the rules are different depending on who is using the magic and where they are.  Some magics are skills, some are stunts, and some are covered by an aspect alone. Here is a listing of some of the more common magics in this part of Omnis Mundi.

Pyrokine: This is a skill and an aspect. The Pyromancy skill lets you control fire and create fire, you must create an advantage with the Pyromancy skill to either create fire or gain control of an existing blaze. From then on you can attack and defend with that blaze, unless it is quenched. The Pyrokine aspect can be invoked to help with dealing with fires, and it makes you immune to heat of any kind. It can be compelled to make you burn things or make you react without thinking. You are a hot head, rash and dangerous.

Sword Saint: To be a Sword Saint you must be trained by an existing Sword Saint. The only known training ground are run by the Sanctus Mysticum. You need to have the Sword Saint or former Sword Saint aspect in your high concept. It can be invoked to make you a mystic warrior par excellence. It can be compelled to make people distrust and fear you, as most sword saints are rabid bigots who believe that anything they deem inhuman or unnatural must die. You now have access to an ectoplasmic sword made from your soul energy. It takes the form of a sword that fits the characters personality. It appears to be made from a black metal, that has a slight reddish gleam to it. You can use fighting as though you had a sword even if you have no weapon. You can gain access to a bunch of stunts to improve your soul sword or mystically enhance your fighting ability.

  • Massive Soul Sword: Your soul sword is far more dangerous than the average soul sword. Your sword now counts as a Massive Damage Weapon.
  • Aggressive Defense: When you are defending in hand to hand combat and succeed with style. Rather than gaining a boost you can immediately do two stress to the attacker(three if you have a Massive Damage Weapon and your opponent does not have massive damage armor you deal an extra stress).
  • Mystic Will: You gain a +2 bonus to will defense actions when dealing with supernatural mind effects.

Mystech: To be a Mystech you will need to take the Mystech stunt. Mystechs channel magic through technology, creating a strange fusion of both. The Mystech Stunt is attached to the Technology skill that lets them use Technology in place of Lore when dealing with items and objects of power. You also must take an aspect in your high concept related to being a Mystech. The Mystech can use the Technology skill to add magical effects to regular equipment. normally this is just a simple create advantage roll where you add a temporary aspect to an item. the magic fades in time. But if you are willing to spend a point of refresh you can permanently add three facets to the item's aspect that are always true, or can be invoked for effect or bonus. You must also add in another facet that can be compelled. As Items gain power they start to gain the semblance of life or sentience. This has led down many strange paths as Mystechs have built devices beyond understanding. Here are some examples:

  • Dweomer Goggles: Take standard goggles and add in these facets:
    • You can see in the dark, this is always true
    • You can invoke the goggles to automatically see magical auras.
    • You can invoke the goggles to gain a +2 to understand to understand how a magical effect works.
    • Compel to confuse one magical effect with another, as the goggles aura abilities are subtle and hard to differentiate.
  • Sky Blade: This is a glider that is far too small to fly on its own. the wingspan is about nine feet across.
    • You can fly when you stand upon the wing, this is always true
    • When using the Sky Blade you can invoke to gain a +2 to your pilot roll
    • You are immune to cold air and high altitude while flying on the Wing Blade, this is always true
    • The Wing Blade can be compelled in rough winds, as it is light and hard to control against the wind
  • Far Caster: This is a single shot breach loaded gun, with the following facets
    • You can invoke to add an elemental effect to the shot, this places an aspect on the target of the attack
    • You can invoke the Far Caster to gain a bonus to your attack of +2. These weapons are very accurate
    • Invoking the Far Caster allows the gun to count as Massive damage for this shot
    • Compel to state you are out of shells. You may spend a turn to construct a new shell from an old casing if any are still around. 

Worlds Walker: A master of dimensional magics, you understand the tears in reality far better than anyone else. You have special abilities that you can acquire through studying the Tear Phenomena. These are stunts you can get that will allow you to channel the energy of the Tear to do all kinds of interesting things. You can also gain the ability to summon beings from across the tear and travel through the dimensions even when you are not near the tear. You have a World walking skill you can take as well.

  • Inhuman speed: You channel the power bleeding from the Tear into your connection to time. You can move with great speed due to the dilation of time. You can travel two zones in a conflict for free, or if you are rolling to move more count your roll as double. You can use this once per scene.
  • Teleport: Through your connection to the tear, distance becomes meaningless. Once per session, for one scene, you can start every turn in any zone you wish. On a successful defense roll when you succeed with style you can instantly move to any other zone on the map.
  • Rending: You can channel the magic of the Tear to do what it naturally does, break things apart and mash them together catastrophically. This allows you to use lore to make shooting attacks, so long as you can use your hands and still speak. You must speak the words of power, symbolic words for you, as well as gesture with both hands, a rending or crushing gesture. 

Augmented People and Dimensional Beings
The world is not as it was, but the world was not the only thing that has changed. There are many beings from beyond the Tear now loose on the world. Many are monstrous or demonic, but not all. Humanity has also altered and augmented itself to deal with these new threats. Here are a few samples of a few ways to do human augmentations and dimensional beings in Omnis Mundi.

Cyborg: these are a series of stunts you can get that represent cybernetic enhancements, if you want more than three you must take the high concept of Fully Body Conversion Cyborg. This can be invoked for benefits of being an awesome cyborg, but compelled when being eight hundred pounds of metal fury would be a problem. Here is a listing of sample cybernetic stunts

  • Dermal Coating: Your skin has been replaced with a protective layer of super materials. You count as having Massive damage armor always.
  • Skeletal Enhancement: You have had your bones replaced with super metals and advanced materials. You gain a +2 bonus to any overcome or create advantage roll related to lifting or breaking things using Might.
  • Pseudo-Blood: there are millions of microscopic machines in your blood. They help you deal with damage. Once per session you can treat one physical consequence as though it were a magnitude lower for the purposes of healing. this does mean that you can make a minor consequence go away nearly instantly. This does not work on extreme consequences.
  • Sensory Suite: You have enhanced your puny human senses to a superhuman degree. You can ignore any barriers or obstacles relating to hindered senses.
  • Machine precision: You have advanced targeting programs and heightened senses and reflexes when dealing with shooting and spatial awareness. When you create an advantage relating to targeting with your Shooting skill you gain a +3 on the invoke of that aspect rather than the normal +2.

Amper: Sometimes being a the best is just not enough. Sometimes you need an edge. Ampers were the cutting edge of human augmentation in the Golden Lands. In the intervening centuries many have opted for the Amp process in order to fight the monsters and demons that have come through the Tear. Despite the side effects Amping was often the only thing that saved a town or a farmstead To be an Amper you need reduce your refresh by one and have the Amper high concept. You can invoke it to be physically superior to an opponent or obstacle. You can be compelled to have your enhanced metabolism and heightened adrenal response get in the way. You are immune to all normal diseases and age at twice the normal rate. You can see in dim light as if it were daylight. You also have a higher degree of mental instability than than other beings. You can take a mental consequence and add a bonus to your roll equal to the magnitude of of the consequence.

Robot Jock: You pilot the most dangerous war machines ever made. Mecha, Power Armor, Robots, Walkers, call them what you will they are the big guns of this changed world. Like the Knights of Old you step onto the field of battle in massive armor, whether for money or for honor. Where did you get the robot? Is it a remnant from the Golden age? Is it some alien machine from beyond the tear? You tell its story as well as your own. To be a robot Jock you must have an aspect related to piloting a robot and you must decrease your refresh by one. You now have access to a robot, for now I am using the rules for Armour from Camelot TRIGGER. I will put a couple of sample robots in a future post, but if you have Camelot TRIGGER go ahead and make your own. generally speaking robots in this setting are between nine and twelve feet tall.

Elves: The elves came through the Tear, or as they see it, humans came through the Tear. They are the first people, the blessed ones, the chosen. They come from a realm of light and beauty, a realm of treachery and intrigue. Elves are all emotion all the time. Elves are bound by rules. Elves are. To play an elf you must have elf in your high concept and you must reduce your refresh by one. The elf aspect means that you are immune to age. You do not get sick. Provided you do not die from your wound immediately you will eventually heal from any damage. You can see perfectly in even the dimmest of light. You can invoke your elf aspect to be better than others at any skill the requires fine motor skills. You can be compelled to be viewed as aloof. People feel like elves look down at them.

So that is character creation for Omnis Mundi. Let me know what you think. As I said at the beginning I would love to share this world with other designers and hackers. I think this setting is large enough to really make interesting and make unique corners of it. All I ask it that you link in the comments so that I can read your expansion of the world.

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