Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Omnis Mundi: The Sanctus Mysticum and the City of Book

The City of Book
Built upon the ruins of an ancient city around a massive stone cathedral, Book was named by the followers of the Pure One a semi mythical being said to have led humans to the city. It was built up during the dark days following The End. The people lived like any other group after The End, living in a constant state of fear and warfare with the outside world. A small human supremacist cult known as the Sanctus Mysticum began to gain power a hundred years ago. Now they control all aspects of Book Society. As a result the City of Book has become focused on Mysticism and military might. Their armies have been preparing for a war of extinction with the corrupted lands surrounding them. With the recent alliance with the city of Echasse, the war is going to come sooner rather than later.

Book's main feature is its libraries. The city it is built upon had three of the largest libraries in the world before The End. Much of the books were recovered in the early days of Book's history and placed in a single great Library. The Great Library of Book was one of the great wonders of the world. Until the Sanctus Mysticum took over. One of their first acts was to reduce access to the library. twenty years ago there was a fire. It is claimed that the library was destroyed. In reality the library was moved book by book to a secret location that only the highest level members of the Mysticum have access to. Knowledge is power, and in Book there is only one power.

Sanctus Mysticum
The Sanctus Mysticum sees itself as the saviors of humanity. two hundred years ago a prophet came out of the wasteland preaching the Supremacy of Man, a philosophy that has controlled the populace of Book more and more every year since. The faith and the city are ruled over by the Council of All Saints, a group of powerful magic users. Few know their identities, though all know their will. Within the city their primary tools are the Inquisitae, secret police and mind mages. They enforce the edicts of the Council and seek out any who would appose them. Outside of the city the Council's primary agents are the Sword Saints, unholy missionaries of the Supremacy of Man converting or killing as many as they can.

Armies of the Sanctus Mysticum
Sword Saints
Sword Saints are the most visible arm of the Sanctus Mysticum. They are the missionaries of hate and the foot soldiers of the cleansing fire. Their mission is to go out from Book into the corrupted lands and bring divine retribution on anything inhuman that deigns to abide in the world at large. Units of Sword Saints wander far and wide purging anything they deem inhuman or corrupted by inhuman ideologies. Because they travel out from the city, they are exposed to many other cultures and ideologies. This leads to the occasional defections,  which leads to the Inquisitae watching the Sword Saints far more closely than other citizens of Book.

The sword of a Sword Saint is a badge of office and the primary weapon in their fight against the impure. Formed from their will and ectoplasm summoned from their very soul this dread weapon is a channel for all of their mystical power. The sword forms from a black liquid or smoke that drips or leaks from their hands until it becomes a solid, metallic looking, black sword.

New Sword Saint Stunts
Soul Armor: you gain more control over you ectoplasm and can cover yourself in ectoplasmic armor. Your skin now counts as Massive Damage Armor.
Ectenic Force: You can use your ectoplasm to lift and move things. You may use your Will Skill in place of Might for lifting or carrying things at a distance.

Also known as the unshaped, the Gahlmi have the unique ability to meld with a War Golem, combining the physical might of the Golem with the minds of Men. To become a Gahlmi you must have a high concept with Gahlmi in it also you must reduce your refresh by one. A Gahlmi can meld with a Golem, when you do this your physical attacks become Massive Damage, your skin becomes massive damage armor and you no longer need to breathe. You also gain a special ability depending on the type of Golem you meld with: a Fast golem, a Tough golem, a Long Range golem, or a Strong golem. Gahlmi can invoke their aspect to be physically superior to an obstacle or opponent. Gahlmi when melded are larger than normal humans, and have difficulty communicating, compel when these would be issues.

Golem Special Abilities
Fast: You can move an extra zone for free(normally two zones) when melded.
Tough: You gain an extra Minor consequence when melded.
Strong: When you are attempting to lift or break things when melded you may set one of your dice to a plus before the roll.
Long Range: When melded you have access to ranged weapons of the golem body. You have Massive Damage ranged weapons. once per scene you may do an extra two stress on a successful attack.

The secret police of the Sanctus Mysticum, they are highly trained from a young age to be zealots for the cause. All of the, are Mind Mages of great power. Once they start investigating they will track their quarry until death. There are no innocents or guilty in their view, only the loyal and the disloyal. They have no pity, no remorse, and absolute authority when pursuing a heretic, criminal, or dissident.

  • Mind Mage: Sometimes known as Psychics, Brainers, or Brain freaks, the mind mage is trained in the skills of reading and controlling the minds of others. To become a Mind Mage you must have an aspect relating to being a mind mage. This aspect can be invoked when reading or controlling minds and compelled when the sounds of the surrounding thoughts becomes overwhelming. You must also take the Mind Bending skill, which allows you to create advantage and attack(mental stress) relating to reading and controlling minds.
    • Stunts for Mind Bending
    • Deep Scan: When reading some one's mind you may make an overcome roll to find out information about that person.
    • Unsubtle Power: You can choose to do physical stress rather than mental by manipulating the brain into thinking it is damaged.
    • Mental Barriers: Use Mind Bending to defend against psychic attacks against your mind.
So there is the City of Book, one of the great threats of my little corner of Omnis Mundi. If you want to create your own part of the world, go right ahead, just give me a link in the comments so I can see what is what. Here is a listing of what has come before: