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Omnis Mundi: The Free Companies of Solutuhz

For those who have not been following along as we have worked on this project here is the stuff that has gone before:
1. Setting Basics and a little work done on some specifics
2. Character creation rules and a release of the setting into the wild
3. Tasmania a land divided by +Tom Tyson
That is what has come before, here is the next installment of Omnis Mundi. I hope you enjoy learning of the Free Companies of the Unbound City!

Solutuhz, The Unbound City

250 years ago a band of slavers found an intact bio tech lab from the final days of the Golden Lands. This became the home base for the Triangle Park Slavers. stealing people from the surrounding cities and lands, augmenting them and selling them back to those same cities for the soldiers or workers in their fields. Then came Cyrus, Eidolon of Freedom, and everything changed. Then came the revolt, and the Unbound City was born.

Sulutuhz has no kings. No single being rules over the people. The free Companies form the hub of a form of representational government. The companies bring law and order as well as money to the city by way of mercenary work. The hundreds of petty kingdoms and city states to the south and west of the city supply a nearly constant state of war that needs mercenaries. The free companies of the unbound city are the finest mercenaries in the land.

Technology and magic are allowed in the city, and any being is allowed, provided they are not overtly hostile. Many is the petty dictator who tried to take the city, but its great walls are strong and its mercenary protectors are devious and ruthless.

Cyrus, Eidolon of Freedom
Cyrus is not quite mortal. No one is quite certain what he is or where he comes from, but what is known is that he led the Revolt two hundred years ago and he stands against slavery and oppression of any sort.  He was offered the leadership of the city, but he did not take power. Throughout the history of Solutuhz he has appeared in times of great danger to lead the free companies in crucial battles. it has been twenty five years since he last appeared, and with the forces of Book and Echasse City readying for a war of extinction, the faithful of the city wait for the return of Cyrus.

High Concept: Eidolon of Freedom
Trouble: Authority should never reside in the hands of any one person
Aspect: Unbound Spirit of Hope
Aspect: Let Slip the Hounds of War!
Aspect: He is not a Tame Eidolon

You should give him skills and abilities as suits your campaign. Maybe even a custom extra that lets him sway people to riot or something. I really like leaving it up to various GMs to decide.

The Free Companies of Solutuhz
There are many mercenary companies within the city of Solutuhz. I will list the three most influential and famous here:

The Grey
Most Famous, or infamous, company of the Free Companies. They will take anyone into their ranks, but once you enlist you are in for life. You give up your name and your history, renouncing all family and earthly ties, and accepting a blood oath to the Grey. The Grey are not the largest or most powerful of the Free Companies, but they are the most unique. they will take anyone with any skill set. They have Magic users of all varieties, as well as master of technology and esoteric martial disciplines. Often they have defeated armies that far out powered and outnumbered them through the use of underhanded or surprise tactics.

Felaudrian Brotherhood
Small in number but incredibly powerful, the ranks of the Felaudrian Brotherhood is filled with Ancient Elven Warrior Wizards as well as a few Dragons. Their goals are as strange as they are, they choose battles seemingly at random. Choosing one side or the other for their own arcane reasons and accepting moneys for their services as more of an after thought than a necessity of the mercenary work. Many believe that they are choosing who to work for based on some obscure prophesy or series of oracular visions. No one is certain who is in charge of the Company, but those in power make sure to keep track of what they are doing at any given time.

Machinae Vitae
The Machinae Vitae are the largest of the Free Companies. They have the best kit that can be created or scrounged. Their unofficial motto is, "Shoot it, Burn it, Bomb it, and Break it." They live up to expectations. Split into three divisions, they claim to have the solution to any problem. If the Powered Infantry cannot deal with it, the Mecha Rangers can force it. If the Mecha Rangers can't force it, the Engineers can solve it. Led by Colonel Sarah, the men and women of the Machinae Vitae are loyal and tough. It is said the ground shakes with the pounding of their feet and the heavens shake with the pounding of their artillery. The Colonel is concerned about this new alliance between Echasse City and Book. She knows that it will be the Machinae Vitae who will stand in the front lines of the coming war. She has begun to stockpile extra gear and supplies for this occasion, though her projections of the casualties of the coming war keep her up most nights.

To be a dragon requires having Dragon in your High Concept as well as taking a reduction of refresh by one. Your Dragon Aspect allows you to shape shift at will, fly in your dragon form(using athletics when you need to make a roll), and to breath an elemental attack of some sort(fire, lightning, acid, steam, whatever) when in a dragon form, you can make shooting attacks without having a gun, bow, or other shooting weapon. You also gain a superhuman strength and endurance. For any roll involving physical might, or enduring a physical hardship you may set one of your dice to a plus before the roll. Your dragon aspect can be compelled when you are in another form to reveal your draconic nature. It also can be compelled to make you hunger for knowledge, power, or wealth.

War Singer
The Elves where the first beings to develop the Great Songs of Power. Since the coming of the Tear, many people who have come in contact with the elves have learned some of the Songs. those who learn the Battle Songs have become known as War Singers. To be a War Singer you must take at least one of the Battle Song Stunts that follow.

  • Song of Advancing Aggression: Provided you can sing you may use Provoke to make Physical attacks with a melee weapon.
  • Song of Graceful Retreat: Provided you can sing you may make physical defense actions with rapport. 
  • Song of Blood: When using the song of Advancing aggression you may add an additional two stress to any successful attack.
  • Song of Rage: While you are singing and in combat, once per session, you may downgrade the severity of a consequence you have taken(Severe to moderate, moderate to mild, and mild can be removed).

Machinae Vitae Stunts
The Machinae Vitae train with their technology far more than others. They are highly competent and well trained. Most members have been in at least one battle and have survived it due to their superior equipment. They hold their gear in a reverence that borders on religious Fervor. Here are a series of Stunts that you must be a member of the Machinae Vitae(or a former member) to acquire:

  • Engineer: You gain a +2 bonus to any create advantage rolls with the Technology skill when dealing with fixing or souping up a gun, mecha, or suit of armor.
  • Repairs on the go: you gain a +2 to any overcome roll with the Technology skill when dealing with fixing some piece of technology in a hurry.
  • This is my gun: When you are firing a gun you can go an extra zone(three zones) without increasing the difficulty.

So here is the first of my world posts, the next one will be about Echasse, followed by one on Book. Finally I am looking forward to doing a huge post on the Lord Gene and his beast men. It should be a blast. Let me know what you think of what has been presented here. I am always interested in feedback and ideas. Also there is still much of the world free if you want to play in this particular sandbox. All I ask is a link in the comments so that I can look at it and add it to the world in links and such.

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