Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Blue 6: Omnis Mundi basics

There was a shining golden age of Man. A time when technology allowed for nearly unlimited potential.   Mankind lived together in peace and harmony, at one with themselves and the world. No one knows how long this utopia lasted. No one say what caused the end to come. All that is known is that four hundred years ago, everything ended. Where once there was one world, one future, one past, no there where an infinite number. All possibilities collided and merged. Billions died in the first few weeks. in the months that followed more and more died. Demons, monsters, and stranger things came to dwell on the world. Magic returned to the land and powers never before seen became a reality.

Some embraced this new world. Some fought against it. Some hid deep in the planet or in orbiting stations, we have not heard what happened to them. Where once there was only Man, now a hundred races from a thousand parallels are trapped on this damned world.

Know this, it has been four hundred years since the fall of the Golden Lands. Nothing is the same. Nothing can ever be the same again. The Two Great CIties of Man are about to embark on a genocidal war of conquest, and only the Free Companies of Solutuhz, The Unbound City, stand between them and total domination.

This is a project I have been sort of working on for quite some time. It is an attempt to capture a very specific era of gaming for me. When I was a lad of thirteen or fourteen there was a game. I played the hell out of that game, as it was everything I loved in the world all in one setting. As I grew older I discovered a great many flaws in that game, and decided to try and convert it to another system. This was problematic for many reasons, most are unimportant here. 

Much of the trouble I had was that I was attempting to alter someone else's vision to fit my own. I did this because they had pulled from a lot of things I loved as a child and placed those disparate elements together in a very artful way that spoke to thirteen year old me. However, I think that where I went wrong was pulling from someone else's work, rather than pulling from the original source material. SO here is a list of source material I will be pulling from:

I have a list of some of my influences and I have a rough idea for what I am looking for. I want a crazy, wahoo, gonzo, post-apocalyptic wonderland. I also would like there to be some unambiguous bad guys. A lot of my sources are saturday morning cartoons and I think that having unapologetic bad guys really would get the ball rolling pretty well.

As this is the first post in the series I would like to get the themes and threats somewhat down, before we sign off for the day.

One theme I really love is that you are in a familiar world, but it is dramatically changed. Firstly, Omnis Mundi has significantly smaller population than earth currently supports. There are probably only twenty million people world wide. ALso it has been four hundred or more years and so a great many cities and roads and such have been reclaimed by nature, or altered by the weather and time. Another factor to consider is the earth has been merged in someway, with a great many other "earths" the landmasses we see today are drastically changed in Omnis Mundi. So I think the first theme should cover that.

Theme: A shattered world between realities

Another thing that I think is important to have is the world on the brink of tearing itself apart again. Echasse City, Human supremacists and technologists have recently signed an alliance with the Sanctus Mysticum, a magical cult of Human supremacists who rule over the city of Book. It is only a matter of time before these two cities use there armies and power to dominate the region and kill anyone who does not fit their definition of "human."

Threat: War, and rumors of war

I would also like to add in a secondary threat. Something a little different. As I really dg mutant animals I think that adding them in here would be very useful. So I will add in a new menace to the north. Maybe not new, so much as recently rediscovered. Lord Gene is one of the few who remembers the Golden Lands from the Time Before. He is a master of genetics and had made himself nearly immortal when The End happened. He has spent the last few centuries going mad and designing the perfect world where this will never happen again. He has a vast army of Hybrid soldiers. The Pride-Runners are his scouts and commandoes, and the Rhino-Hawks are his heavy hitters and laborers. There are many  more varieties as he is constantly tinkering with things. He is nearly ready to begin his conquest of the world. To make sure the world never ends again.

Threat: Beast Men in the Northern Hills

So this is part one of Omnis Mundi. I will get to character creation in part two. The next few parts after that will be defining the world a little bit more as well as adding in more options for players and GMs. I hope you like what you see so far, I would love to hear what you think of this as well as any ideas you might have to add things to the world. I will be dealing with only a small portion of the world here, so the options are open.