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Omnis Mundi: City of Book, Addendum

As the Mystic center of human civilization for over three hundred miles in any direction there are many other kinds of magic user within the borders of Book than I listed in my previous post. They did not fit within much of what I was looking for in the post. I was going for the military aspects of the setting, so here are a bunch of things that did not quite fit into yesterdays post.

Master of Summoning, Binding, Warding, and Name magic. You can summon spirits, and at higher levels living beings. You can create magical wards and circles to hinder movement from zone to zone, as well as binding specific beings. You can be a conjurer simply by taking the Conjure skill. The Conjure skill can be used to make overcome rolls relating to gaining information on summoning circles and wards. You can also Create advantage relating to learning the True Names and summoning circles and wards.

Gaining True Names is very dangerous, if you have a single persons True Name you may summon and bind that person, create wards against them and even seal them in place. If you gain the true name of a Type or subtype of thing, you can do the same thing with any member of that type or subtype. There is, among the Conjurers, a myth. The myth of Logos, the true name of the universe. Many Conjurers seek it and with it ultimate power. Many other conjurers believe that it has already been found and spoken, that it was the cause of The End.

Conjure Stunts
Binding: You may use Conjure to make mental attacks and defenses when in conflict with a summoned being.
Warding: You may use Conjure to make an overcome action on a Zone border to create a mystical barrier against a specific True Name, Type, or Subtype. If you have a Type True Name the difficulty starts at +6, If you have the specific subtype the difficulty is +4, and if you have the True name of a specific being the difficulty is +2. Any shifts above the difficulty will count as a increase in difficulty to any action trying to go through the zone border from that specific True Name
Summoning: You may use Conjure to summon beings and items to an area you have prepared. Most conjurers will use this ability to pull in beings from beyond the Tear, and then bind them to the Conjurer's service. Some enterprising Conjurers have crafted small summoning circles on the palms of their hands in order to summon small tools or weapons when they need. Inanimate objects are a difficulty of +2 t summon. Complex machines are a +4.  To summon a being you must roll Conjure against the beings Will skill.
Sealing: This works like a Ward, but on one specific being rather than on a zone border. A being that is sealed increases the difficulty of any physical or mental action(you choose when you set the Seal whether physical or mental actions are sealed).

Types of Golem
Yesterday I introduced the concept of Golems and the Gahlmi who merge with them. However I did not name or give stats for any of the Golems. So here is my attempt to fix that. Here are the names and stats for the four major types of Golem in the Armies of Book. I am using the format of FAE for NPCs, because it works rather well, and is easy to read and use.
Fast Golems: The Keleritu
Aspects: Fast attack Golem; Quicksilver Construction
Good(+4) at: Moving at high speed, Razor hands, focus on the task given
Bad(-2) at: Any social actions, abstract thought
Stress: [1] [2]
Special: their claws count as massive damage weapons and they have a massive damage armor skin

Tough Golems: The Gruendel
Aspects: Large and Indomitable, Nearly indestructible 
Good(+4) at: Resisting attacks, Unstoppable will, Hammer hands, lifting heavy things, enduring
Bad(-2) at: Social interaction, abstract thought
Stress: [1] [2] [3] [4] extra minor consequence
Special: Hammer hands and skin are Massive damage capable

Strong Golems: The Viise
Aspects: Endless Strength, Plodding inevitability
Good(+4) at: Lifting things, hitting hard, breaking stuff, Perfect focus
Bad(-2) at: Social interaction, abstract thought
Stress: [1] [2] [3]
Special: Hands and skin Massive Damage

Long Range Golems: The Iakulae
Aspects: Shoulder Cannons, Every problem must be shot
Good(+4) at: Shooting, tracking targets, Ignore all distractions, staying on the task at hand
Bad(-2) at: Social interaction, doing anything outside of orders
Stress: [1] [2]
Special: Weapons and skin Massive Damage

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