Thursday, July 25, 2013

FATEsy Heartbreaker: Ael Ve, Ael Adattra, and Ael Droutsa

Long ago there was the shining city of Sakahmara high in the sky. The people of Sakahmara were beautiful, strong, wise, and highly skilled. They were known as the Ael Luhd(Fair People). As time went on they grew proud and complacent. The became decadent and corrupt. Eventually there sins were such that there gods Ao and Shi cast the Ael Luhd from their shining city. They were thrown to a land of pain and darkness, they called this place Kaista(misery). Some were cast down by Ao, lord of nature, and became Ael Ve(the first people). Others were cast down by Shi, the moon goddess and became Ael Adattra(High People). A few remained unrepentant and seek the downfall of their gods, these are the Ael Droutsa(Bad People). This is not the world the Elves wish to live in. There gods are still angry with them. The Night and Nature, where they must live, are hostile and filled with hardship. The Elves have hope though. When they were cast down they were given a prophesy that one day they would return to the shining city of Sakahmara, and reclaim the honor they have lost.

Ael Ve, often called wood elves or forest elves, see themselves as the first to be cast to Kaista. They see the whole world as their prison, and they refuse to be tied to one place. The Ael Ve do not form large societies, instead roaming from place to place in small bands of argumentative equals. They tend to believe in mob rule and vote on everything. Some have voted in leaders for specific tasks, such as a war leader or someone in charge of training the youths, often these figures have grandiose Titles reflecting their lost heritage and home. other bands put everything to a vote. They follow the ways of Ao, lord of nature. However Ao has removed his blessing from them and nature shuns the Ael Ve. Where before they were tree-shapers and animal-callers, now they are forced to hunt for food and clothing and to take axes to the trees for fire and shelter.

Things that are true about your Wood Elven aspect:
  • They can see perfectly in starlight or moonlight
  • Elves are not ugly. All peoples find them to be attractive to one degree or another.
  • If a wound does not out right kill them, wood elves can eventually recover from any injury.
Things that can be invoked:
  • Ael Luhd were known for their superhuman skill, since the fall the Ael Ve are still very skilled, just to a lesser degree. Wood Elves are masters of the forest.Invoke when in the forest or involving forest creatures or plants.
  • Elves have finely honed senses. Invoke when having excellent senses would be helpful.
  • Wood elves cannot ride horses or other animals. They must walk and run everywhere. Invoke for speed or endurance in running or walking.
Things that can be compelled:
  • The beasts of the land hate the Wood Elves. Compel when dealing with an animal of some kind when it would be a hindrance.
  • Wood Elves are a chaotic lot, they do not like orders or constraints. Compel when someone is trying to boss the Elf around and it would be a hindrance for the Elf to act out.
  • Sometimes an Ael Ve will see or hear something in Kaista that gives them a fleeting remembrance of the greatness of Sakahmara. When this happens an addiction to that sensation can form. Compel whenever the Elf has lost an object of beauty or is forced to leave a location of natural splendor. The compelled elf must now try and get that feeling back no matter what. This is known as Lahsa(the longing).
Ael Adattra, called the Moon Elves or Eladrin(derogatory), are a highly organized and ritualistic society. They are masters of Biogha, reading the stars. They are organized into strong family lines based on the ancient noble houses of Sakahmara. Etiquette and ritual dominate the the great Ael Adattra cities. The families all form an interconnected web of intrigue and mutual defense that some might call a government(most outsiders call it madness). Each family is ruled by the eldest son until his four-hundredth birthday, the age which all Moon elves must become Mitana(The Fading) else they go mad. All major public events are scheduled down to the second. They have massive calenders and perfect clockworks to keep track of important days and times.The Moon Elves have been cursed by Shi, and they cannot abide the light of the moon. this is why many have seen the cities of the Ael Adattra and likened them to a mound of towering mushrooms. Their buildings are in the style of the shining city, spires and polished marble, but to defeat the light of the moon they roof them with great wide canopies.

Things that are always true about your Moon Elven aspect:
  • Elves can see in near absolute darkness. So long as the moon is not visible the Moon Elves can see in the dark.
  • Moon Elves are immortal, though if they do not become Mitana on their four-hundredth birthday the tend to go mad.
  • Elves are not ugly. Moon elves in particular are renowned among elves for their beauty.
Things that can be invoked:
  • The Moon Elves have a fantastic sense of time and place. Invoke to know what time it is or to know the most direct route to your home city.
  • Ael Luhd were known for their superhuman skill, since the fall the Ael Adattra are still very skilled, just to a lesser degree.They can invoke their elven aspect when researching knowledge of any sort.
  • Moon elves are highly resistant to spell magic. invoke this to resist a direct magical attack.
Things that can be compelled:
  • The Ael Adattra suffer under the curse of Shi. When the light of the moon strikes their eyes compel them to be blinded.
  • The Ael Adattra look down on the lesser species of the world. Compel when their haughty demeanor and veiled insults would cause problems.
  •  Moon elves can become obsessed with plans and schedules. Compel this when this would cause an argument or other complication.
Ael Droutsa, sometimes known as Duergar or Drow. They are horrors of the oldest nightmares. They have abandoned all that is good and embraced all that is wicked. When the Ael fall, they fall far indeed. They will be fleshed out more in the Monsters posts.

Elven Stunts
Nature Bane: The curse of Ao may be upon you, but you can use that to become a master hunter and slayer of beasts. Gain a +1 to the use of axes when dealing with natural animals or fey creature and spirits. Only Wood Elves may take this stunt.
Biogha: From an early age you studied the stars. Risking even moon-blindness for one last glipse of the truths and futures written in the heavens. Gain a +1 to any intelligence rolls to create advantage or overcome when dealing with prophesy or the stars.
Sword Saint: To the elves the world is a great enemy always at the gates. From an early age they train with the sword. A few go beyond mere skill with a blade. Gain a +1 on strength rolls to hit with a slashing sword.
Andaji: The bow is the weapon of the Elf. The elven bow is a powerful weapon of composite materials fitted so seamlessly that moisture cannot gain purchase. Andaji, elven archery, has two main branches. The Moon Elves practice from horse back and gain a +2 to their dexterity roll when shooting from horseback. The Wood Elves cannot ride horses and practice shooting for distance. They can shoot out an extra zone with an elven bow.

So that is my take on D&D elves. I would love to hear what you have to say about this project. The Next post will be on my favorite of all the D&D races, Halflings! Exciting, no?


  1. Hey this is a great series. Liked this darker take on the elves.

    1. What is funny is that I did not set out to make them, "darker."

      I was just riffing on themes that have existed within the elves since first edition or so.

      At the core Elves, and High Elves in particular, reminded me a lot of Melenbone from the Elrik series. So I start playing with those ideas while trying to keep the elves distinct and unique.

      I am glad you liked it.