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FATEsy Heartbreaker: Men and Magic Part 2

Yesterday's post was a bit of a hit, so I will continue on today my FATEsy Heartbreaker. I haven't really gotten into the world building stuff yet, but once I lay the groundwork down I will get to work on that. I have quite a bit of material for this project so don't worry, its coming.

Proficiencies are a series of stunts that represent knowledge and practice at a single specific skill. They are a little bit different than normal stunts as presented in Fate Core and Fate Accelerated. The Stunt gives a bonus of +1 to any roll that involves that specific skill.

Listing of potential Proficiencies:
Strength Based: Might, Jumping, Climbing, Swimming
Dexterity Based: Balance, Running, Escape Artistry, Hiding, Picking Locks, Riding, Slight of hand, Tumbling
Constitution Based: Endurance(I know I need more here, but honestly I can't think of much)
Intelligence Based: Appraisal, Crafting, Disable traps, Knowledge
Wisdom Based: Medicine, perception, survival, Sense motive
Charisma Based Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, performance, handle animals, Disguise, Handle animals

Each of the four core has a series of types beneath it, these are more focused)
Each class is an extra that you must pick when you make your character. Each has a series of Musts. Musts are things you must have or must not have in order to take that class, whether it be skills aspects, stunts or weird powers.

    Must have a class aspect denoting that you are a fighter of some kind.
    Must have a Strength score of Average(+1) or better.
    Weapon specialization: you are the only class that can gain a bonus to weapon rolls, Pick a weapon type: Bow, Thrown, Slashing, Piercing, Bludgeoning, or Long Arm. You gain a bonus of +1 to any rolls to attack with this weapon.
    Weapon focus: To gain weapon focus you must first have a weapon specialization. You pick a weapon group you have a specialization in and you gain an additional benefit depending on the weapon(this will be described in the weapons section(coming soon). This represents true mastery of your weapon, allowing you to use it in ways that no one else can.
    Armor Use: You gain an additional armor stress box. This additional box must be one level lower than the one your armor has inherently.
    Magical Weapon Bond: You can alter a magical weapons Ego Aspect. When you hit rest period after using the weapon for at least a day's worth of adventure you can change the Ego aspect of the weapon. It must still contain the core belief of the weapons Ego, but it can be altered to fit closer to your preferred ethos. There is a roll and the degree of success or failure will tell you haw much you can change it. The rules on Magic weapons and items is coming soon, see that for more detail.

    Must have a class aspect denoting that you are rogue of some sort.
    Must have a Dexterity score of Average(+1) or better.
    Sneak Attack: When using a small Piercing Weapon(a dagger,knife, or something of the like) once per scene you may make a sneak attack. You must be hidden from your target or the target must in some way not be expecting your attack. If you successfully hit double the amount of stress you do.
    Trap Finding: You can spend a fate point to automatically know all the traps in the same zone as you.
    Sneaking: If you succeed with style at a roll to hide or conceal yourself you gain three free uses of the aspect rather than two.

    Must have a class aspect stating you are a wizard(and not just some conjurer of cheep tricks).
    Must have an Intelligence of Average(+1) or better.
    Must take a wizard spell casting power.
    Arcane Spell Casting: You gain a number of spells equal to your rank in your Intelligence. These spell tend to be fast flashy and direct. Things that don't last long. Think magic missile, fireball, mage armor(for one hit) and the like. If you wish to, grab a D&D spell list from one of the many editions and go with those. Generally speaking Wizards in my world deal in offensive magic, and don't heal or buff. You can use the spells either as a bonus +2 to an action with another attribute or gain no bonus but use intelligence to do some magical effect in place of another attribute(Lifting heavy objects, dodging, ranged attack, charming a person).

You can swap these out if you are given enough time(eight hour rest) and a chance to roll Intelligence. After the requisite game time you make an Intelligence roll with the difficulty equal to the number of spells you wish to change out time two. If you succeed you have the new spells, if you fail you keep the old spells. After each rest period(about eight hours of rest/meditation) you gain one free use of each of your spell aspects. any use after that will cost Fate Points.
    Ritual Magic: You have access to magic rituals, slow and powerful magics. This is like your summonings and your teleport circles and the like(I am still working on these, so more on rituals later).
    Blood Magic: you can augment your magic by taking stress. You can take a two stress hit to your physical stress track instead of spending a fate point to use a spell a second or third time. If someone else is willing, you can do a three stress hit to their physical stress track to gain the same benefit.

    Must have a class aspect denoting your clerical nature.
    Must have a Wisdom score of Average(+1) or better.
    Must select a Divine spell casting power.
    Divine Spell Casting: You have been granted power by the gods. Each day your God grants you a number of spells equal to your Wisdom. These spells tend to aid others more than do direct effects to enemies. These clerics tend to deal in blessings and curses far more than fire from heaven. You must spend time in prayer/devotion to your chosen power. At the end of this time you must make a Wisdom roll versus your Gods, Benediction Rating(described in the gods section, coming soon). If you succeed with style you gain the exact spells you wish to have and one use of each for free. If you succeed you gain one spell you wanted and the rest(if there are any) are chosen by the GM, you also get one free use each. If you tie you can choose between getting the same as a regular success or getting all the spell choices you wanted but only one free use of one spell. If you fail you choose between gaining a fate point and the GM chooses what spells you get(and you get only one free use of one spell), or you can choose the spells you want and get no free uses of them but still gain a fate point.
    Martyred Magic: you can take mental stress to aid another. You can take a two stress hit to your mental stress track instead of spending a fate point to use a spell a second or third time.

Tomorrow I will go into Alignment and Weapons. Exciting!

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