Tuesday, July 23, 2013

FATEsy Heartbreaker: Men and Magic Part 3

Weapons generally speaking just serve as a narrative reason for a characters ability to inflict physical stress in conflict scenes. In this game weapons have qualities that allow the user to have access to more than just narrative justification of an action.

Weapon Qualities
-Allows melee to hit the next zone, but only the next zone
-Weapon focus allows for you to use a Reach weapon in the same zone as you as well
-Examples Weapons:Spear, Trident, Pole arms(wait for the pole arm supplement to see the full listing of pole arms), staves, pikes
-Lets you shoot out four zones, but you cannot move this turn
-Weapon focus allows you to move as normal and shoot
-Example Weapons: Long Bow, Composite Bow, short bow, cross bow
-Take a -1 to the attack roll to ignore armor for that attack
-Weapon focus allows for an additional stress against an armored opponent
-Example Weapons: Stiletto, Dagger, Pick, Morning Star
-When an opponent takes a consequence from a bludgeoning weapon, spend a fate point and the stress counts as one higher than it actually is for the purposes of using a consequence
-Weapon focus allows you to gain a +2 to create advantages and overcome actions when destroying/breaking inanimate objects
- Example Weapons: Maul, Hammer, Mace, Cudgel, Baton, Nunchucks
-Add one stress to a successful attack against an unarmored opponent
-Weapon Focus gives a +2 to rolls to attack multiple targets
Example Weapons: Scythe, Scimitar, Saber, Axe, Kukri, Sickle, Kohpesh
-This weapon is just a thrown version of of another type of weapon, pick the type you are using/throwing and use the special ability from that except it has a range of two zones and does one less stress after a successful hit(minimum one stress on a successful hit)
-Weapon Focus allows for the thrown weapon to do full damage on a successful hit
-Example Weapons: Throwing knives, throwing hatchets, sling and stones, Atlatl, javelin, Pilum

Light Armor: Allows for access to a single one stress box that can be used to absorb physical stress.
Medium Armor: Allows for access to a single two stress box that can be used to absorb physical stress.
Heavy Armor: Allows for access to a single three stress box that can be used to absorb physical stress.

Adventuring Gear
Adventuring gear is generally treated as an aspect. you can invoke it when it would be useful and gain an bonus to an action or justify an action.

Example Gear Aspects
Ten-foot pole

As alignment is part of the character's High Concept, it can be used to compel behavior and can be invoked to aid you when you are troubled. Some people really dislike Alignment, and I get that. However I see alignment as one of those parts of D&D that is truly unique, and so I need to add it in here. Also I think that Fate can finally add a little mechanical bite to what was otherwise a lackluster piece of the gaming puzzle.

Lawful Good
-Can be Invoked when doing the right thing and obeying the rules would aid you
-Can be compelled when you must choose obeying rules over the welfare of others, or vice versa.
Lawful Neutral
-Can be Invoked when obeying the letter of the law would be a benefit
-Can be compelled when the law requires you to do something that would be problematic for you  
 Lawful Evil
-Can be Invoked when you can twist the rules to your own benefit
-Can be compelled when manipulating the rules would get in your way  
Nuetral Good
-Can be Invoked when you need to do what is right
-Can be compelled when what is right is not the easiest path
True Neutral
-Can be Invoked when none of the options before you are good options
-Can be compelled when your indecision or need to go with the flow would get in the way, you side with the wrong side as often as the right side
Nuetral Evil
-Can be Invoked when you are trying to get what you want
-Can be compelled when you do what you want despite what anyone else wants, pure and total selfishness and self absorption
Chaotic good
-Can be Invoked when you need to do the right thing in spite of the rules
-Can be compelled when it would be best to follow the rules and you go against them on principle
Chaotic neutral
-Can be Invoked when you are fighting for your freedom or the freedom of others
-Can be compelled when you lose that freedom or when you feel your freedom is threatened.
Chaotic Evil
-Can be Invoked when you want to watch the world burn. You gain a benefit because you have no rules and accept no authority beyond your will.
-Can be compelled when working with others, or understanding emotions of others would help you but you go it alone or tear down the relationship or situation instead.

That is what I have for now. I would love to hear what you think about this project so far. If you wish to see the other posts here is the first and here is the second. Next time I will begin my discussion of races with the Dwarves.

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