Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Space Opera Actual Play Silence Falls

The other day I ran a game of Space Opera for +Sharif Abed +Ron Frazier +Frank Falkenberg and +Brian Boring . Here is how it went.

Things that went well
Character creation: There were no big hiccups in character creation. Everyone seemed to get what I was aiming at, and it went smoothely. We had only one Human character, the rest were aliens of one sort or another. And the players really took authorship of the races they played. We even had one rce made up whole cloth(see below the video). In a couple of cases they had a firmer grasp on what was needed than I did.
Ship and world creation: Again his went very well. They started out small and we just kept building. Now they have a very rich world to play in and it was all their doing.
New races

Things that went OK
Pacing and scene description: Overall there were no problems with the pacing or direction of the game.The ship combat worked pretty well.

Things that went poorly
Jump gates: I did not have enough information on how these worked and so was not prepared for questions relating to them. To me, prior to running the game, it was a non-issue. Basically they only existed as a reason to get from one place to another. I will work on having a more definitive description of them and how they work.
The big shield debate: So...I really like the shield rules I put up in the first post. i realize that they need more written on how they work and what exactly they are. there is some dissent on this, however. It started out as a statement that gaining the invoke bonus as well as momentarily shutting down the shield was too powerful. Effectively this was seen as giving two bonuses. It then moved on to many other things, most of which were ways to change the rule in question. I don't want to do that, change the rule. I think I would rather remove the shield and weapon rules than add extra complexity to combat. I will continue to think on the shield issue, but for now I will continue running them as written.

New Rules and Addenda for Space Opera
New races
Ryleesh: An amphibian client Race of the Gora'oh. They are recent inductees to the galactic society and so are often viewed as backward or primitive. They actually have a natural affinity for fine mechanical and electrical work. They are fast becoming the Gora'oh's best engineers. They must still overcome the stigma of being 'primitive' in the eyes of galactic society. They are a short race with long delicate fingers. They are as at home in the water as on land, though they are air breathers. They do have a difficult time hearing higher frequencies fo sound, though they can hear far lower frequencies than other races.

The Smythes: One of the founding Council Races. A race of clones known primarily for there blandness of appearance and their complexity of language. Their language is the most complicated and difficult in the known galaxy. It is such that the name for their race cannot be understood or written down, they are general known for their mechanical and linguistic expertise. They own the vast majority of shipyards in the Charter Worlds and were instrumental in creating the common language of the Charter.

Additional information on existing Charter Races
Tesh: The lies of most Tesh revolve around what they call The Great Game. The main purpose of the Game is for the males to achieve the rank of Gamesman. High ranking females use mating rights as a lever to manipulate the world.
Taurai: Though they each see themselves as a sovereign entity in their own right most Taurai are associated within a clan-like structure for mutual defense if nothing else. Each clan has its own sets of morals and social strictures. Some are merely mutual aid and defense pacts, others are far more in-depth and byzantine. Exile from your clan is one of the worst things that can happen to a Taurai. They have no defense within the laws of the Taurai. They are considered a nation unto themselves, for all the good and ill that means. Also the Taurai have a much more limited auditory organs than most animal based species, they do not have a wide range of hearing, mostly in the mid range, high and low frequencies are beyond them. They are better at picking up light and light differentials than most species.

New stunts
Esp: This stunt allows you to have access to the Esp skill. The Esp skill allows for reading of minds, seeing the past, and seeing possible futures. the skill is for Overcome Actions to gain information and Create advantage actions to use your sixth sense against others or for yourself.

Galactic Martial Arts
Within the Charter there is a school dedicated to war. It is older than the Charter though few can say how much older. It is said that the Warmasters of the College are armies unto themselves, able to use any weapon to its greatest capacity.

Tharkaa Primary Gun Technique
Your Gun is your voice given form, speak forcefully and with precision and your opponent will have no rebuttal.
When using a gun gain a +2 to any create advantage rolls involving precision or aim.

The Heliar Sword First Form
Your Sword is your arm, its touch connects you with the world around you.
When using a sword to attack in the first round of combat you deal an additional two stress.

Primary Fist
Your fist is your weapon, you are never unarmed.
You gain a +2 bonus to create advantage rolls against an unarmed combatant when you have no thoer weapon.

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