Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Magi: Test Run

I ran an alpha test of my setting and rules for Magi. A group of players from the Fate Core community graciously played in the game. Overall we had a bit of fun.

Things that I learned
-I need to add more detail to the description of what the magi are and what the characters can do.
-The skills need to be described in far more detail. I realized that I had not explained that the skills cover both magical and mundane actions.
-The world building needs a lot more work. A lot. Seriously.
-I get very easily confused as to how to build a narrative and tension in this setting. I need more specificity. I think I should take a look at how Apocalypse World and steal a couple a bits from it.

Here is a recording of the game should you wish to watch how it went: