Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fate Core: No Skills No Nothin'

I can't sleep. Instead of that i present this kind of out there version of Fate. You get no skills. You have aspects and consequences. Your refresh needs to be pretty high(like ten or more). It also needs a physical representation, chips counters, beads, M&Ms, whatever. the only rolls that matter are versus other characters(PC or NPC). When you engage in conflict or contests you roll versus their roll, obviously. However as there are no skills that means there is no bonus to the roll. In place of that you can bid Fate Points to increase the roll by Two per aspect you invoke. this bidding must happen before the roll of dice, not after as is the norm for Fate Games. If you win the roll those Fate Points are spent, they are gone. If you lose you get to keep them.

This interests me as it creates a chicken mechanic in the game. Every time you spend a Fate Point you have to wonder if you are wasting a resource that you will need later on. You basically get to choose whether you wish to win right now or to trust to luck. i think this mechanic would need quite a bit of fleshing out, but I feel like this is a very interesting idea and would like to play with it a bit. So what do you think? Where are the hole in this? What do you think it would be good for? Inquiring minds and all that.


  1. I think the biggest possible problem with this is the lack of Fate Points. People may need to be able to gain more Fate Points in order to keep up trying to get ahead.

    1. Yeah, I can see that, it also alters the natural flow of Fate around the table. I don't really have a solution to that yet, but I am thinking hard on the subject. I really do think that this idea is workable, I just need to work on it a bit more.