Saturday, April 20, 2013

Blue Collar Necromancy: Tobin's Spirit Guide pt 1

It was going to be a bad one, it was an old house. Far more memories and emotions in an old house. Worse, the same family had owned the house for generations. Big families and a long time scale leads to one thing, ghosts. No one wants to admit it. They would prefer that it were not the case, but there it is. Old house, old family, a lot of emotions, and a recent death means it is time to go to work. My name is Jedidiah Black. When the spirit world attacks, and no one else can help, you call me. I am a necromancer. 

Normally I would have a lot of research and a team to back me up, but time is a premium in a case like this. The Adler family are a big deal even here in Columba. They are not used to being out of their depth. They put pressure on the mayor, he puts pressure on the company, now I am going into what may be anything from a simple poltergeist or wall knocker to a Gjenganger or worse. 

The Adlers, their servants, and assorted hangers on had vacated the house for the week. They had moved up to their house on the coast for the duration of the exorcism. The sun began to set over the estate. Time to get to work. This ghost won't kick itself out.

Wall Knocker
Spectral Presence
Remember Me
Weakness: Emotional link to the house(define when you create the Wall Knocker)

Ominous Sounds: a mental attack, this is what they are known for.
Wierd Spatial Tricks: They use this to create advantages during the game
The Dark: They cannot be seen, they use this to defend.

Wall Knockers are the simplest form of Ghost. There main goal is to exert control on the world around them. They are manifest fear of being forgotten. They make a mental attack on anyone in their house/domain. You can stress them out with mental attacks, but only if you know who the ghost was. This will not take them out for good though. To thoroughly remove the Knocker you must find the item they have an emotional link with and destroy it, then stress the ghost out.

Elemental Rage
Weakness: True Name of teh ghost written using the element opposing the poltergeists linked element

Elemental effect: Allows attack with an element, fire lets them heat a room up, air gives telekinesis, and so on
GET OUT: allows for creepy effects to create advantages(walls bleeding, doors slamming, taht sort of thing)

Poltergeists are what a Knocker looks like when it wants more than to be just remembered. The angry dead are elemental rather than relational. They manifest as elemental effects, Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. To put them down permanently requires using the opposing element to write their true name within the walls of the house they inhabit. They use the Classical Greek elements so keep that in mind when designing the Poltergeist.