Saturday, April 6, 2013

Blue Collar Necromancy: The Unchanged and Creation

On the Nature and Name of the Sleepers(The Great Unchanged and their role)

The World is not ours. This must be known for all else to make sense. The world, and all in it, were created by and belong to the Great Unchanged. For countless Aeons they lumbered through Chaos. They had no name until we gave them one. They cannot be understood, controlled, or changed. They are beyond anything you think you understand.

The god's deaths have trapped the Great Unchanged in a forever sleep. That is what the church tells us. What they don't say, what no one says, is that sleep is an uneasy one. The Great Unchanged may have lost their purchase on this reality, but even sleeping they dream of taking it back. Those dreams are powerful. Their dreams have a will and they plan on waking the Unchanged.

More Strange Beings of the Aether and Mundane
Resurrection Men: Originally they were a bunch of grave robbers who would provide bodies for medical use. As time went along they merged with the doctors and became a cult obsessed with immortality. They willfully try and create ghosts and other undead in an effort to understand the nature of life and death. Or perhaps they are a cult of the Great Unchanged. They seek to weaken the walls of reality by creating as many undead servants of the Great Unchanged as possible. They make deals with Horrors and are ruled by vampires and other half dead.

Spirits: The remaining servants of the gods, Genii Loci, and Conceptuals(beings that cannot be destroyed so long as thinking being exist like death, love, dreams, and the like). All of these are collectively known as spirits. They are not necessarily hostile, though they are not necessarily friendly.

Horrors: The Great Unchanged sleep. Their dreams are far more alive than anyone would like to think. Those dreams are horrors, possessed of a dark will and the intention of waking the minds that created them. Pray you never meet a horror. If you do, pray you can run faster than your friends. If you can't, pray for a quick death. The are a cancer upon reality.

Those Who Have Names(Great Unchanged)
Drowned Woman: She is married to the earth, she is the sea. She demands sacrifices. When she walked the world thousands were drowned in her name. They were chained to the bottom of a lake. A lake with no name. On an island in the center of that lake she sat on a throne of skulls. Once a year she would ride forth out into the lands and select handmaidens to serve her eternally.

Shadow of Cold: In the beginning there was Ice and Darkness. A great giant walked the void between fire and ice. It was by his will that the world was formed, and by his will that the war with the gods began. He was starvation, frostbite, and darkness. King of the unchanged, if such a thing is possible. He cares for nothing save fear and pain. He was the cause of the rift between the gods and their creators.

Unspoken Dread: Tentacles, skittering legs, slime, too many eyes. This thing is every primal fear that has ever, or will ever, exist. To even speak its name is to evoke madness and to look upon it is to understand your place in the universe. Madness follows in its wake, panic run before it. Sacrifices of children were given every year to keep it away for the rest of the year. This being is restless even in sleep. Its Horrors are many and known.