Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Space Opera: Silence finally finishes falling

Ran Fate Core space opera for +Ron Frazier +Frank Falkenberg +Brian Boring and +Sharif Abed. Overall I got very positive review from my players. I guess that's a good thing. I had an issue during the game however, a mechanics issue(dun Dun DUN). I ran several Contests throughout the course of the session of play. When a Contest is just one player versus an NPC or a group of NPCs the rules work marvelously as written. My problem appears when the players as a group are trying to have a contest with an NPC or group of NPCs. See there is no real guidance on how to handle this. So here is my solution(I used it but it was explained far better by +David Thomas so I will use his words here).  I allow 1 Contest roll, 1 "helper" who can add a teamwork +1, and 1 create advantage attempt per Exchange per "side." I will try this in the future and see how it works. It seemed to work in the last contest of the game.

Check out the play recording if you want:

New Races
Marddeth: Artificial Life that had a civil war and believes that software is only half the equation. They defeated those that believed in the primacy of software. They now seek to understand "life" whatever that might mean. They are the only Sentient AI members of the Charter.

The ultimate martial art. Developed by the Tharcs of Barisoh. The Tharcs were the greatest warriors the universe has ever seen. They developed a martial art that allows for the fighting of life forms in nonstandard body shapes. This was called Tharcaa. The Tharcs are gone now, but the the martial art is still taught throughout the galaxy.

Stunt: The Way of Battling the Other
Effect: you gain a bonus of two when creating advantages against an being with a body type that differs significantly from your own(non humanoid, extra arms, armored skin, and the like).

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