Friday, May 3, 2013

Space Opera: Silence Continues To Fall

+Ron Frazier, +Frank Falkenberg, +Brian Boring, and I got together this week to play another Fate Core game of Space Opera. +Sharif Abed had something come up so he was unable to make it. In this session we had some research, a sneaky sneaky plan, a rescue operation, Tesh mind games, valor, spelunking, a scary mine, an artifact, and a whole lot of Sukar. For the most part it went well. No big rules debates this time, mostly just running the game stuff.

I wanted to try something new(for me) with the mine. I made it its own character. It worked OK, though I think I need to work on it more. The Fate Fractal is awesome, however I am not certain I implemented it as well as I could have.

Here is the recording of the session:

New Space Opera Material
New Planet
Davara: Breadbasket of the Terran Majority, it is the largest agricultural world in Human Space. It also has the lowest population density in all of Human  Space. The people who live there are the overseers of the giant automated farms that cover most of the planet. There are also a great many genetics labs working on new supercrops  to increase the efficiency of the farms. It is said that one out of five meals any human has comes from Davara.

Hyperspace Gates
I found that the description I had for the Hyperspace Gates was not enough for the needs of the game. So with the help of Brian I have come up with some new material on them. When approaching the Gate you must have the correct angle for the jump and you must transmit a code to the gate. When you have all the time in the world the angle is not so hard. If you are rushed...well that's when thing get a bit interesting. You can end up damn near anywhere if your angle is off. The construction of a gate is fairly uniform as there are the same requirements for any give gate. However each culture has a method for building Gates and so there are idiosyncrasies to each cultures gates.

Interesting Tesh World View
Frank came up with several interesting Tesh Jokes and spacer anecdotes, I will reproduce them here as I think they are pretty darn neat:

Tesh humour:

An old Tesh comes into a spaceport-bar. There are quite a lot of customers of all known races, it is really crowded there. He is small, lightweight and at his age a bit less agile than the average Tesh. So he gets pushed into a table where a bunch of Gura'oh are sitting, and he spills their drink. They get really upset, grab him, and give him a brutal thrashing, leaving him injured, barely alive. The barkeeper calls the medics, and as the Tesh gets carried to the spaceport's hospital he is laughing like a madman. One of the medics asks him "Why are you laughing? You've got some serious concussions!" - The Tesh, still giggling, explains: "Those Gura-oh are so predictable. They always pull the same move!"

Any Tesh audience will break out into screaming laughter at this one. This is a classic any Tesh stand-up comedian has to have up his sleeve.

Two Tesh are playing a kind of chess-like board game (actually called "The Mating Game", the winner gets the queen). One makes his move, shifts his game-piece, and asks the other: "So, what's your next move?" - The other one jumps up, grabs the game-board and hits the first one with it really hard in the face and shouts: "If you have to ask such nonsense, you're not taking the game seriously!"

This is a real classic one.

Tesh humour:

A Tesh and several human couples are relaxing at a restaurant. The conversation leads to the fact, that the human couples are married, some have children, other not yet or don't even intend to. The Tesh is deeply moved and orders one round of drinks and desserts after another. On leaving one of the humans ask the Tesh why he was so extraordinarily generous. He answers: "I understand you consider gaining a husband or a wife a real achievement. This touched my racial sense of pity for the witless, because gaining a husband or a wife in a population of nearly 50:50 of both sexes is as much an achievement as solving a two-part-puzzle."

This one is particularly popular amongst the Tesh male of so low status, that they are most certainly not eligible for breeding. Tesh who know or even live amongst humans are often taken with emotions of pity regarding dating and mating rituals of humans.
Human humour regarding Tesh:

Human: How many Tesh do you need to change an illumination bulb?
Other human: Just one. But you need thousands and thousands of Tesh in his heritage line for him to know how to turn it the right way around.

Tesh: Pretty lame and obvious move, isn't it? Typical for humans they don't know a thing at all about the brutal game of humour. - And that's exactly how we like them!

The Tesh's commentary to this human joke about Tesh is a sure bet to excite roaring laughter amongst Tesh audiences. There is even a special kind of comedy act consisting of some Tesh acting as humans telling human jokes and one Tesh commenting it. Mastering this act there is a fortune to be made in the entertainment business on Tesh worlds.
Tesh cultural strangeness:

A powerful and influential Gura-oh politician and warmaster invited the Tesh ambassador on the Gura-oh world to visit his large and extensive estate. He personally led his guest around his vast buildings, pastures, parks, hunting resorts and other luxurious facilities and proudly presented his wealth to the Tesh ambassador.

The Tesh became more and more agitated, often wiped his skull with a handkerchief, because it seemed that he "transpired" a lot on top of his head.

The Gura-oh politician planned for the ambassador to attend a gala dinner at his estate, but the Tesh excused himself and left the grounds quite hastily.

The Gura-oh was puzzled and sent one of his aides to politely (as possible for a Gura-oh) inquire, what illness might have befallen the Tesh. The aide returned and did not dare to speak to his master, who got angry at such reluctance to reveal the gathered intelligence.

So, finally, the aide told the Gura-oh warmaster: "I've managed to gain insight in the mysterious behaviour ot the Tesh ambassador yesterday. You remember the frequent wiping of his skull? That was not transpiration, but the Tesh's equivalent of tears. The ambassador was crying, and was quite emotionally shaken during his visit on your grand estate."

Then he stops, visibly not wanting to tell all of his findings. The Gura-oh politician threatens him with mutilation so that he continues: "The Tesh ambassador was crying because of his sadness regarding your estate and you personally. He actually said to his ambassadorial aide, that he had always firmly believed the Gura-oh to be an inferior people, but now as he had witnessed the proof about how incredibly inferior they truly are, he simply could not keep his countenance. He said, the Gurah-oh warmaster proudly presented how his heritage was made out of stones, plants, animals and things. That is so sad, that the tears started to flow incessantly, because even the lowliest Tesh has a vastly superior heritage leading back generations upon generations into the past. But the Gura-oh only have stones and wood and tools. They are sadly beyond pity."

The Gura-oh warmaster swiftly beheaded his aide and sent a small force of members of a subservient race known to be "heavy hitters" to burn down the Tesh embassy. This started quite a lot of diplomatic troubles for several years to come.