Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I am unsure what to call this kind of problem.

Yesterday I was playing in one of the weekly games I play. I ran into a piece of dissonance within the game. I had taken out an NPC in a psuedo-confluct(it was only one roll, I rolled really well). At this point +Michael Pedersen said that I had taken him out and he was unconscious. But wait a minute, says I, that is not how taken out works. Basically the person what takes out the other fella decides how that goes down. Michael and I got in a bit of a discussion on this. He felt he should have some say in how it went down, but the rules supported view that I got the final decision on how it went.

From a GMs perspective I get where he is coming from. It is an alien feeling just letting go like that. Also it begs the question, where do you draw the line? How far does the player's control go? So I had captured the dude, does that mean that I get to dictate his actions? For how long? Or do I just get to tie him up and then we move on. There is a nebulousness to who's in charge of what in this particular situation.

Anyway here is the recording of play, should you wish to see the disagreement[starts in the 14:20ish range]: