Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Shadow Legion: Legeonaires Lost

I got together with +Ron Frazier +Frank Falkenberg +Sharif Abed and +Brian Boring  to play some Fate this week. Their ship had jumped into an unknown system. The only way out of the system was locked down. There was a space battle with a Deija frigate. the heroes win the battle, but the Deija are still there. They find some clues at the gate and head toward the two suns and a strange object orbiting one of the suns. There is some discussion as to what to do about the Deija. Nothing is decided before they enter the giant station. It is a great cube the size of Earth's moon. Upon entering they discover it is hollow all the way through. Hollow and nearly empty, save for the servers, this place is a repository for exiled AI from the Marddeth civil war. And that is where we left it this week.

The space combat system went relatively smoothly. My only problem was in making everyone able to contribute. It is far easier to do than in previous games I have run(Star Wars being a prime example). I would like to work on this a bit more. I think my rules could be a lot smoother. So I will work on that.

Here is a recording of the session if you want to see:

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