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JLAccelerated: Trinity

This will be the start of a series of posts about the Justice league for Fate Accelerated Edition. First I will be posting the characters of the league, well...my versions of the heroes. Once I have the heroes laid out I will move on to do a series of adventures staring my favorite villains. All of this, I hope, will be culminated in a massive adventure verses the forces of Armageddon itself. 

Without further ado, here are the first three characters Wonder Woman, Superman and the Batman.

Taking lives is something I definitely find offensive! But roughing up criminal terrorists a bit doesn't faze me at all!”

The civilization of Krypton has touched a thousand worlds, from the Techno-Oligarchy of Colu to the exploration colony of Argo. Their science, religion, and philosophy influenced cultures beyond counting. They were a golden people, seeking physical, mental, and moral perfection. The Kryptonian Guard, led by the great General Zod, allied with he Oans and the Guardians of the Galaxy to defend all life. Some of the greatest Green Lanterns were Kryptonian.

Apocalypse came to Krypton. Their colonies went silent, one after the other. Then the shadow fell across their home. The Darkseid, the Omega god, wiped out the Kryptonians. It did not use direct warfare, that is not its way. Darkseid poisoned the very planet, to walk its surface was to step into perdition. Two stood against this menace, the general and the scientist. The general, bravest of men, stood in the path of oblivion and did not blink. His was the last to see Krypton before it exploded. The scientist sought a way to save his world, his people. In the end, he saved just one, his only son. As his world shattered this boy rocketed to a new world, a world where he would be safe.

The boy was found and taken in by a loving couple from Kansas, Johnathan and Martha Kent. They called him Clark. When he was old enough, his adopted parents told him the story of his arrival. Clark wandered the world for a while, trying to find meaning. Everywhere he went, he saw injustice and hopelessness. He helped where he could, but it was not enough. He needed to do more. He need to inspire hope and justice for all. He could not help them all, but he could inspire humanity to help itself. Taking the symbols from his spaceship he created a costume and identity, he became Superman.

As he fought for those who could not help themselves, he found himself losing touch with the common man. The world looks so very small when you fly high above it. Now he spends his days as an investigative reporter, seeing the world from the perspective of the people.

Powers and Devices
As a Kryptonian Superman has tremendous strength, speed, and is nearly invulnerable. When exposed to earth's atmosphere and yellow sunlight he gains the ability to fly as well as tremendous senses, heat vision, and super-breath(the best power EVER).

High Concept: Last Son of Krypton
Trouble: I Cannot Save Everyone
Aspect: Hopes of Tomorrow
Aspect: I Fight For Those Who Cannot Fight For Themselves
Aspect: Soul of Steel

Approaches: Forceful +3, Clever and Flashy +2, Quick and Careful +1, Sneaky +0

Because I am an Investigative Reporter I gain +2 to Cleverly Overcome Obstacles when I am confronted with a mystery or secret.
Because I am a Hero of the People I gain +2 to Forcefully Overcome Obstacles when I am helping the little guy.

Wonder Woman
If it means interfering in an ensconced, outdated system, to help just one woman, man or child…I’m willing to accept the consequences.”

When the Argonauts encountered the Amazons, Hypolita realized it was the beginning of the end. Man's world would continue to expand, explore, and conquer. She called out to the gods to protect her people from the scourge of Man's world. The gods pulled Themyscera, home of the amazons, into a realm hidden from mortal eyes. But the amazons would now never have access to men again, and thus were doomed to die out. Again they prayed to the gods to save them from this doom. Hera took pity on them and granted the Amazons immortality. Never would the ravages of time fall upon the Amazons. And so they lived for thousands of years.

Without fear of external conflict or death, the amazons created many arts and sciences. Over time they became a group of transcendent minds, masters of all sciences and arts. Themyscera is an island of wonders. Even with the peace of millenia, the Amazons never forgot the threat Man's world could potentially be. They trained in war as they trained in all other human endeavors.

As the years wore on, Hypolyta began to long for a daughter, to raise and to train in the ways of the Amazons. After so many years there was nothing new for her to see. And so she set herself to the task of producing a daughter. She crafted her daughter from a mix of her own genetic material and the blood of Heracles, gathered from an ancient sword used against the Argonauts. And so Diana was born. At her birth the gods gathered to witness the last granddaughter of Zeus' birth. Each god presented her with gifts. All save for Ares. He used the gathering of gods to unleash a sneak attack against the Olympians. He failed and was locked away, in the depths of Erebus, swearing vengeance on Zeus, Hyppolyta, and all of their houses.

Diana grew up strong and with no knowledge of hate or despair. She mastered all the skills of Themyscera far faster than any before her. Her curiosity was boundless, and often she was found in the far reaches of the island, exploring. Eventually she grew restive and wished to see the world of Man for herself. After much discussion her mother finally agreed. Diana would go into Man's world as an emessary, to spread love and truth, to bring the peace the amazons know to brutish world of Man.

Powers and Equipment
Beauty of Aphrodite: her empathy, love, and beauty as well as a kind heart
Wisdom of Athena: can understand all languages, all sciences, philosophies, and is a brilliant tactician
Strength of Demeter: incredible strength and endurance. When she is in contact with the earth she is the strongest mortal. If the situation is dire, she can merge with the earth and heal any injury.
Speed of Hermes: Super speed(.5 light speed) and flight
Eyes of the hunter: given by Artemis. Can speak with animals, has enhanced senses
Discernment of truth from Hestia: she sees the truth of things, always. She can speak every language and understand even nonverbal or non-sapient communication

High Concept: Amazon Ambassador of Truth and Love
Trouble: Does not understand Man's World
Aspect: Peace is worth fighting for
Aspect: Truth is Beauty
Aspect: Never give in

Approaches: Careful +3, Quick and Clever +2, Flashy and Forceful +1, Sneaky +0

Because I have the Invulnerable Aegis Bracelets I gain a +2 when I Quickly defend against ranged attacks.
Because I have the Lasso of Truth I gain a +2 when I Forcefully overcome rolls to deceive me.

The Batman
You all know who I am. You know what I can do. But I'm holding a small child here. And if you make me do anything that could possibly endanger this baby, you will be very, very sorry. Forever”

A son witness the death of his parents. An oath is sworn. The boy vanishes into the man. The man becomes a symbol, not of vengeance but of justice. Let no child live in fear. Criminals and bullies should fear doing evil. The bat hunts the night, protecting the weak. He stands against injustice and fear.

Powers and Equipment
Bat-vehicles: batmobile is a car with crime computer and all sorts of gadgets. Batplane lets him fly and all sorts of aerial non-lethal weapons, Batboat is like the batmobile, but a boat
Utility belt: all the toys
Training: Master detective, Master martial artist, master con man, master of disguise, master scientist, master engineer
Bruce Wayne Persona: the mask he wears when in public, hides the fact that he is Batman

High Concept: The Dark Knight
Trouble: Crime never sleeps
Aspect: the World's Greatest Detective
Aspect: No child shall live in fear
Aspect: Let Justice be Done

Approaches: Clever +3, Sneaky and Careful +2, Forceful and Quick +1, Flashy +0

Because I have a Utility Belt once per game session I have exactly the right tool for the job.
Because I am a Billionare Vigilante I gain a + when I Cleverly Create Advantages when I buy a new piece of Bat themed crime fighting equipment.

The next heroes will be Lady Blackhawk, Martian Manhunter, and the Flash. After that will come, Big Barda, Aquaman, and Oracle. Then it is on to the adventures!

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  1. Fantastic write-up. Perhaps you could offer a few examples of invokes or compels for the aspects? I'm still a bit new to Fate.