Monday, January 6, 2014

Fate of the Nova Age: The Secret War

They have existed for eons. Diametrically opposed by their very natures. Fighting a war that few can see. They use the lesser races of the universe as their weapons, their resources, and cats-paws. They would have continued on like that for eternity. They would have, if only they had not found earth. Found humanity.

Humanity has the potential to do what no other species can. They could manipulate all the fundamental forces, quantum and sub-quantum. Humanity was an anomaly, and both sides wished to use them. They tinkered, they altered. The war has changed.

the Qin pray to beings of pure thought. Telepathic gods of the mind roam through their myths. The priests of the Doia join their minds into a memetic gestalt to further the faith. The holy warriors of the Qin travel throughout the galaxy on a holy crusade to wipe out quantum demons. Others may worship these spirits, but the Qin know that they are the chosen people. All will serve the Qin and the Doia, or be crushed beneath the heels of their bio-suits.

The people throughout galactic civilization speak sadly of Arles of Ba'arsohm. A great and powerful civilization put down in fire and hate by the holy armies of the Qin and their demonic gods. For centuries the Arles were able to hold them off. The held the Qin back with guile and might. It was the invention of Red Salt that changed everything. Not just on Ba'arsohm, but in the rest of the galaxy. Red Salt is a world ender. It does not just kill your enemies, it kills all life on the planet. Now the lonely red rock of Ba'arsohm sits as a monument to the rage of the Qin, and the Demons twisting their souls.

The Doyen are semi corporeal beings devoted to the ascendancy of the mind. They are linked intrinsically to the noetic universe. They claim to rule over whole galaxies. Their servant species fight a never ending war against the Zeps. They cannot exist in the world without a special environment suit or a host body. They are masters of manipulation, seeing all other beings as means to the Doyens' ends. The Doyen see themselves as higher beings, gods among ants. They view the whole of the universe as something to be shaped and grown, like a garden. A garden of delight for the Doyen and nobody else.

When they discovered humans, the doyens were at once overjoyed and terrified. Overjoyed in they had found powerful weapons to use against the Zeps. Terrified because humans had more potential than any other species. More potential even than the Doyen, say the whispers in the backs of their minds. Humanity has begun to tear apart Doyen society. Some wish to wipe out earth, and the threat it presents. Others wish to guide humanity into their new highest servants, to supplant the Qin and lead the Doyens armies in the fight against the threat of the Zeps.

The Zeps
The Zeps do not care. That must be understood, before anything else can be said. The Zeps do not care about you, or your problems. Extremophiles devoted to personal evolution and physical immortality, the Zeps only care about personal advancement of themselves. They are super-geniuses with the ability to manipulate the fundamental forces of the universe. Long ago they crafted the Ectenic Dynamo, a chamber that allows a Zep to alter itself. Masters of technology and the physical universe, the Zeps seek greater and greater knowledge and power. One Zep alone can take on whole armies. An army of Zeps, has only ever been mentioned in mythology.

They would have left the rest of the universe alone if it were not for the Doyen. The Doyen began the war, this is known. This external threat united the Zeps as nothing else could have done. They put the monstrous intellects toward total war. The Doyen were slippery, hard to pin down. The war has never been direct. Every time the Zeps focus in on a location, the Doyen counter in another area. It has been a stalemate for the last twenty thousand years. The last major skirmish was the destruction of the Zeps greatest creates, the Arles. Now Earth is the new battlefront. Humanity is the greatest weapon the Zeps have ever found. They have been experimenting on humanity for centuries. Finally in the last few years these experiments seem to have come to fruition. The war is moving in a new direction. The Doyen have made a great mistake. The got the Zeps to care.

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