Wednesday, February 8, 2017

FASERIP: Generations

The idea: I want to make a living supers universe. something that would be super fun to play in and have grand adventures in. I would love to run this game as a GM, however I do not do very well in long term games. It is just not how my brain operates. So instead what I would like to do is create a bunch of superheroes and villains and slot them into the timeline as I go. I will be trying to organically create a supers universe where people age as they go and the status quo is less important than following through on the ramifications of a world with supers in it. If major technologies have little impact that will be due to explainable reasons, even if those explanations are the actions of other powerful beings. I will be stealing heavily from existing universes for the timeline, so the initial supers will be few, but powerful. As time goes on there will be an increase in the number of supers and villains.

The year is 1938 and and I will start with the first batch of superheroes. There may have been mystery men and adventurers in the past, but these are the first public supers of the modern age. I get one big team up adventure per year. Between adventures I will write up a number of solo adventures(between one and three), only one of which is allowed to have a recurring villain. The years go forward as normal. After each major adventure you can continue the character or come up with a new one to have in the new adventure. After about ten to fifteen years worth of adventuring the hero will retire(unless they are immortal or something). Being a superhero is a lot like being a professional athlete, it is hard on the body.  So you can have legacies build out like that. Then I carry it forward from then until now and we build the world as it goes.

I will be using a number of system in order to replicate what I need for the setting. I will be making characters using FASERIP(its free so check it out, I like it you might too). I enjoy the game and it has a very decent random character generator, so that will be handy. I will use the world alteration rules from Progenitor(not free, but worth every penny) in order to judge the changes to the timeline as I go, so anti grav and super pills will have a real world impact. I also will be stealing as much of the bizarre stuff from comics as I can. No Origin or Source of Powers is off the table, though I will have to come up wit ha random table for those so that I have less control and thus must exhibit more creativity(I hope).

The world will probably have a more optimistic bent to it as making it super grim/dark has no real appeal to me. Though I do think that there would be some major issues that would crop up so we will see how that works as we go forward. It will probably be a bit America focused as I am American and understand that paradigm a little better than other countries. That said I will definitely try to include more heroes from around the world. I will start with America though as flamboyant heroes in bright costumes fighting for truth and justice sort of fits in America very well. I really do want to do a big honking Brazilian team though, not sure where they will fit in but I think it would be cool. Anyway, I will also need a way to randomly come up with superhero world changing events and a way to make sure they stay spaced out so that its not happening all the time. Stuff like the White Event, Blackest Night, The Comet, and similar stuff that changes the dynamic of the setting will be needed, but I can't have them happening all the time.

New random Chartse

1 - Artificial
2 - Birthright
3 - Gimmick
4 - Transformed
5 - Visitor
6 - Trained(this does not allow for powers or superhuman abilities)

1 - Cosmic
2 - Divine
3 - Genetic Mutation
4 - Infernal
5 - Innate
6 - Magic
7 - Psychic
8 - Science!

Yearly Adventure Generator
Big changing events, you get one per ten year period(1939-1949, etc) each year I roll a ten sided die and on a ten that is the year of that decade's events.

When designing a character you must answer these questions(though not all at the same time)
Do they get married?
Do they have children?
Are their powers/training/gadgets inherited?
Do their children go on to be superheroes?
Is anyone else inspired by the hero to become a hero(do not need to have the same powers)?

And the best part? You can play along as well. Seriously It would be cool. If you have a blog and want to play along there you certainly can make sure to leave me a link in the comments so I can add it to the setting, otherwise do a write up of your Hero/adventure/what have you and then send me a note in the comments and I will post it in my next post in this series. I think that would be pretty cool. It could start some really spiffy ideas and spin the world off into even more cool ideas. It will start to feel a little more like an actual comic book universe as we will get some messiness and complexity that a single writer cannot get. This may mean that we need to have a couple of parallel universes or something, but that is cool and totally usable in this setting. Like I said, nothing is off the table at this point.

So what do you think? Is there anything I need to add? Anything where I am going to far, digging too deep?