Monday, April 7, 2014

Fate of the World part 2: Natural Order

There have always been exceptional individuals. However they were few and far between. In 1924 the Dutchman opened the Crime College in order to find and train these individuals to further his ambitions. This lead to far more exceptional individuals in a far smaller geographic space. These men and women were trained in all manner of skills and technologies. They created wondrous devices and esoteric techniques. They wore bright colors and robbed banks, bold as brass. these were the first Villains. In order to face this new threat, heroes were forced to wear masks and delve into the esoteric. Many strange skills and bizarre inventions were used in the fight against crime. The public ate it right up. These were heroes right out of the pulps, facing evil villains in a never ending struggle of good against evil. That was the lie the papers sold them. the truth was far murkier. Many of the supposed heroes were nothing more than thugs in masks, shaking down villains. Some stood tall, but others became the very thing they were fighting against. It was a dark time, and justice was blind.

Rules for making Naturals in Jadepunk
1. Naturals may take any technique that does not break the laws of physics(discuss how far you want that to go within your group). 
2. Naturals may have any device, though the larger it is, or the stranger, the more likely it is to have the troubling flaw(everyone wants it, or it breaks all the time)
3. Allies are unchanged, these would be your gang, or your cop pals who feed you information.

Ivan Dahl von Teler
AKA: The Dutchman, the Ghost, George Anderson, Dutch

Born to a wealthy Danish family, Ivan was trained in everything the sone of a rich man was to know. A prodigy Ivan began learning everything that was available. By the age of eight he had read every book his father owned or could procure as well as burning through seventeen private tutors. At age eleven, tragedy struck. His father's fortunes waned and the family was forced to move to america. Things continued to deteriorate throughout his teen years and by the his sixteenth year his family lived in a detroit slum. During this time something cam unhinged in young Ivan. He began to see that he was different than other children, and in his isolation he focused even more on his studies. While he could no longer afford proper schooling as he was used to he began to train his body. Becoming strong and swift, able to do nearly impossible feats. He began to suspect that there were others like him out in the world. With that in mind he began his plan. He would build an organization of the greatest humanity could offer, and organization that could never fail, because it only accepted the best. To build this organization he needed capital. he began a string of robberies, and discovered he liked it. Ivan wished to remain anonymous and yet he also wished to be known for his expertise. And so the Dutchman was born. Dressed as a ghostly Pirate, he would rob banks and other high security locations. in 1921 he robbed an armored mail truck for over two million dollars in jewels and cash. He finally had enough money to put his plan into action. Over the next year he cemented his hold on a section of Chicago, and managed to pull together a few other unique individuals like himself. In 1923 he began work on the Crime College, developing recruitment tests and building a following of lesser crooks. His dream was about to take flight.

Portrayal: King of Crime
Background: Unhinged Prodigy
Inciting Incident: Out of the Ashes I Rise
Belief: Those With The Means Shall Rule
Trouble: It Is Never Enough

Professions: Scholar +3, Aristocrat and Engineer +2, Explorer and Scoundrel +1, Fighter +0

Technique: Mind Is The Best Defense
He has trained his body through the use of his mind. In a fight he can predict where an opponent's blow will land and be elsewhere. Fighting the Dutchman is like fighting the wind.

Guiding Aspect: Unhinged Prodigy
Features: Focus 2(+2 to fighter), Protective 2(reduce incoming harm from a successful attack by 2)
Flaws: Situational(only for defense and must described as part of the plan)

Technique: Master Mind
The Dutchman is brilliant at planing and getting people to do what he wants. He is a student of the mind, and the mind holds few mysteries for him.

Guiding Aspect: King of Crime
Features: Focus 2(+2 to scoundrel), Focus 2(+1 to aristocrat and engineer)
Flaws: Situational(only when dealing with followers or working toward a grand plan)

Stress: [] [] []
Refresh: 3

And that is my take on the Naturals for my setting. Let me know what you think, and perhaps what I am missing. Next up I will delve into the bizarre genetics of the Chimera. its gonna be pretty sweet.