Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Fate of the Nova Age: CItadel of Isolation

Our heroes:

Player: +Ron Frazier
Character: Michelle (Mi) Quan
High Concept: Driven Photojournalist
Trouble: Blackwolf Wants Me, I Don't Know Why
Aspect: The Princess of Electricity!
Aspect: Nonconformist To Chinese Traditions
Aspect: [blank]

+4 Electrokinesis
+3 Will, Lore
+2 Rapport, Crafts, Investigate
+1 Empathy, Contacts, Athletics, Notice

Lightning Bolt: You can use Electrokinesis to attack. Subtract 1 from your result for each zone outside of your current one.

Technokinesis: You can use Electrokinesis when using computers or other machines that use electric current.

Lightning Shield: Your can create a shield of electricity which acts as Armor versus physical attacks. You cannot defend with Electrokinetics, however.

Always Making Useful Things: You don’t ever have to spend a fate point to declare that you have the proper tools for a particular job using Crafts, even in extreme situations (like being imprisoned and separated from all your stuff). This source of opposition is just off the table.

Electrokinesis (-1 refresh): You can use the Electrokinesis psionic skill.

Refresh: 1
Mental Stress [1][2][3][4]
Physical Stress[1][2]
Mi comes from a traditional Chinese family, but her American upbringing has affected her so much (so the family says) that she irrationally rejects many of her family's traditions. For example, she had gone into freelance photojournalism before joining the Society, and her family didn't approve. Because of her family issues, she is all the more ruthless in her pursuit of success.

Player: +Julius Müller
Character Name:
High Concept: Human Hive MindTrouble: I don't trust me, you shouldn't either
Aspect 1: Army of OneAspect 2: I have 8 more lives to spareAspect 3: Who needs backup?

Great +4: Will
Good +3: Physique, Athletics
Fair +2: Notice, Fight, Shoot
Average +1: Lore, Provoke, Deceive, Investigate

Duplication: allows narratively to overcome or create advantages that would require to be in more than one place at the same time or where a sheer mass of people can be useful.
Needs of the Flesh (Age, Air, Temperature): allows to ignore the three specified elements to survive.
Mental Shield: gives a mental armor
Disrupt: gives the ability to nullify a Novas power.

Nova gives access to quantum consequences and using them to maxing a roll.

Refresh: 1

Name: Pierre Poulin

High Concept: Daring Master-Archer
Trouble: Always the odd man out
Aspect: I never miss!
Aspect: Tricked-out Bow&Arrow
Aspect: Underestimated

+4: Shoot
+3: Stealth, Athletics
+2: Provoke, Fight, Notice
+1: Burglary, Rapport, Will, Physique

Refresh: 2
Physical OOO
Mental OOO
  • Mild (-2):
  • Mild (-2):
  • Moderate (-4):
  • Severe (-6):

  • Death Defiance: Gain an additional mild consequence. Should you raise your physique or will to five, you gain an additional mental or physical(depending on the skill) moderate consequence.
  • Untouchable: Nameless NPCs do not get a teamwork bonus against you.
  • Danger Sense: You have an almost preternatural capacity for detecting danger. Your Notice skill works unimpeded by conditions like total concealment, darkness, or other sensory impairments in situations where someone or something intends to harm you.
  • Trick-Arrows: +2 to Create an Advantage using Shoot by employing trick-arrows like sonic-arrows, glue-arrows, bola-arrows, etc.
  • Perfect Shot: (like Heavy Hitter for Fight) When you succeed with style on a Shoot attack and choose to reduce the result by one to gain a boost, you gain a full situation aspect with a free invocation instead.
  • ? possibly another stunt to avoid running out of ammo?


  • Tricked-out Bow&Arrow
  • Swiss Army Knife
  • Bulletproof West
  • Extreme-Cold Protection Clothing

There has been a discovery in the far north. A secret base at the north pole, dated as being constructed in 1938. Our heroes have been sent by the Aeon Society to get there before Proteus does and gather as much information as possible. Rumors have it that the Mechinatrix created a secretbase in the north, and that she had her final showdow with the Aeon Society before america entered WW II.

Here is the recording of the game:

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