Saturday, March 9, 2013

Friday Night One Shot: WEG Star Wars

I ran a game of WEG Star Wars yesterday night. Overall I got good reviews from teh players, they all seemed to have fun. I noticed a few things though and so I thought I would bring them up. I am a verbal processor, and to some degree this blog is me attempting in writing what I normally do verbally. This is me just trying to get a grasp on what I have experienced gaming.

I had not played WEG Star Wars since around 1997-1998. Its been a while. It was my first game ever. My friends all wanted to play so they forced(in the way only thirteen year olds can "force") me to run it for them. We would play in the bus and before school. overall it was close to three hours a day for a month or so. I loved that game. I would pour over the pages day in and day out.

When I picked it back up again to run the other night, I found a lot of that nostalgia coming back. as we began to play I noticed that I did not have as firm a grasp on the rules as I used to. No wonder as its been something like fifteen years. I found my self digging through the book a lot. Now this is not bad, in itself. It is however indicative of how I had not prepared enough. I thought I had, but when the dice hit the table, I was not at my best. It was still fun though.

We had a new player in the game. He was new to gaming in general and had never played a D6 game before. I think this may have made him a bit more timid than he normally would be. He ended up missing out on a lot of the action. Partly this was my fault, as I was trying something I thought would be clever and it did not work out that way. Part of it was that we had a couple of really strong personalities in the game, and that is always something to watch for.

But he claimed he had fun at the end of it. If I had to do it over again I would definitely run it differently, I would have prepared more, and I would have made sure that the party did not split as much as it did. Next Friday I think I will run another one shot of a different game. Probably Alternity, Burning Wheel, or maybe Wild Talents. I have not decided yet.

Here is a recording of the game incase you wish to watch it: