Friday, November 9, 2012

NaGa DeMon Day 9

I have been working on some of the setting and fiction of the game. During the course of this I have discovered that I am too much of a minimalist. I have always been this way, even back when designing my first game. I realized early on that most game rules can be expressed in very simple terms. Honestly, most RPGs rules could be put on less than ten pages.

This idea has clung to my psyche like a limpet mine since then. Now that I am working on The War in Heaven I am realizing how much I minimize in text. I do have the basic character creation taken care of, it is a little disjointed but I have the framework I need to work this out.

There are six major houses in the Empire of Man, each descended from one of Sovereign's children. the players will play all members of one of the Houses of the Scions. the Houses are:
  • House Kai: They are the finest duelists and assassins, they are the smallest of the houses.
  • Svanich Clan: Strength and Honor over all. they have the largest fleet in the empire.
  • Udre Family: The Mind overcomes that which the body cannot.
  • House Hadja: We remember, we stand firm.
  • House Skyrris: Live in fame or go down in flames. they are the most decadent and least trustworthy of the houses.
  • House Dremahn: Family, Honor, Duty. they are the eldest of the houses.
And here is the blurb I am working on, sort of an elevator pitch along the lines of the intro to Conan:

In the bright center of the Human Empire Sovereign and Her Divine Scions rule with wisdom and power. On the fringes of Empire the Old Machine Gods seek to devour Man. In hidden fortresses floating silent in the void the Gene Lords plot their terrible retribution. Monsters, Gods, and Heresy seek to tear apart the bright and shining Empire of man.

Know this, oh prince, that it is the Sixth Age of Man and the search for Earth continues. You are Sovereign's hands in the universe. You are all that stands between the Humanity and chaos, between the faithful and the pagan hordes.

Basically the setting is Dune meets Star Gate meets Lexx.

I am still working on troupe play mechanics. I am very unsure as to how to do it. i have decided to use something like Icons' supergroup mechanics, for the Cadre that the players will be members of.

I am also working on a worksheet or something for the campaign design. I feel that unless I put some rules to how to design the campaigns, the group will  flounder in tone and feel. I would like to have something like the worksheet in Apocalypse World.

It has been going slowly, but I am still plugging along. more updates later.